Judge Dredd Megazine 355 – SPOILERS – preview pages

Meg CoverJudge Dredd Megazine 355
Published in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release
Saturday 13th December 2014
General release in print & digital
Wednesday 17th December 2014
Available in all good stockists, 2000AD Futureshop & the 2000AD iPhone Ap

Cover: Colin MacNeil

Genre: Sci-Fi

Here’s the line-up this issue

Meg Contents

One story ends and three begin, so not too bad a starting place if you aren’t a regular reader.

I’m reviewing from a Pdf preview copy. Unlike my Preview of Prog 2015 I’ve actually read this issue so below there are a few comments (spoiler light) on the stories followed by the first 2 pages of each. So I’ll remind readers when the spoiler level is increasing.

As you will have seen above Editor Matt Smith’s introduction mentions the fforthcomingJudge Dredd partwork from Hachette, Judge Dredd Mega Collection, click that link to read more about that in an article I wrote recently.

Judge Dredd: Dead Zone – Invisible part3
Script: John Wagner
Art: Henry Flint
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Yodie and Belle Planchet had been enforced workers looting the dead from the Day of Chaos in mass graves outside Mega-City One. Yodie found a hi-tech wristband that had several coloured buttons, each one had a different effect. Yodie found he could teleport, go invisble and other things that baffled him.

The Planchet’s came from the Cursed Earth seeking citizenship in Mega-City One. Yodie ended up on the run from the Judges due to setting off the bracelet accidentally. Now he has two people with similar bracelets after him, and they know how to work them.

It is a lively tale from Judge Dredd creator John Wagner and popular artist Henry Flint. A serious plot but Yodie gives some humour to the proceedings.

American Reaper III
Script: Pat Mills
Art: Clint Langley & Fay Dalton
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

In the future people cheat death by transferring their personalities in to other people’s bodies. There are people hunting down these criminals and it has got very personal.

The art is part photo and part drawing, it isn’t to all readers’ taste and I know several who didn’t read book 2. I think this is the last outing for this strip.

DeMarco, PI: Deja Vu part1
Script: Michael Carroll
Art: Steve Yeowell
Letters: Ellie De Ville

Glen DeMarco was introduced in the modern classic Judge Dredd: The Pit. She showed great promise as a Judge in a Sector House full of corruption, however her personal relationship with another Judge saw her leave Justice Department. Now she is a PI, licensed to make investigations and carry weapons.

Created by John Wagner DeMarco is now in the hands of Muichael Carroll who also widely uses one of Dredd’s clones in other stories, Dolman. I would have liked to show the third page of this story, it is a great example of panel layout.

Judge Dredd: The Cop prologue
Script: Al Ewing
Art: Ben Wilsher
Colours: Adam Brown
Letters: Simon Dowland

Set in 2089, Dredd has been a qualified Judge for 10 years. The Atomic War was only 19 years ago. The action takes place in Paris and we are reintroduced to an early part of Dredd’s world that many have forgotten. At one time there were still Police on the streets alongside the Judges.

The uniform Dredd is wearing and the Lawmaster he rides are different to both the current versions and what were in use in Prog 2, Dredd’s debut which was set in 2099.

The art is brilliant.


Preview Pages follow


Meg JD1 Meg JD2


Meg AR1 Meg AR2

Meg M PI1 Meg M PI2

Meg Cop1Meg Cop2


2 comments on “Judge Dredd Megazine 355 – SPOILERS – preview pages

  1. Joe Soap says:

    Wilsher’s flashback art looks amazing.

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