Judge Dredd: Dark Justice part2 – in 2000AD Prog 1912 – spoilers (includes preview pages)

Judge Dredd: Dark Justice part2

1912 JD 1aWriter:
John Wagner
Greg Staples
Annie Parkhouse

Judge Dredd 
Created by
John Wagner
Carlos Ezquerra

Prog 1912 – on sale in stores ULK & worldwide digitally on 7th January 2015.

I’m previewing this now as the Subscription copy of this Prog is arriving already with subscribers and spoilers are bound to leak about this Prog. I have written separate reviews about Judge Dredd: Dark Justice part2 and ORLOK Agent of East-Meg One: Eurozoned part1. This is because I am aware some readers may wish to avoid spoilers of certain stories. These reviews are spoiler light but include preview pages. I will preview the full Prog later.

Judge Death was introduced in Judge Dredd: Judge Death (Prog 149 to 151) by John Wagner and Brian Bolland, Judge Anderson was introduced in the same story. To say that both Judge Death and Judge Anderson became popular is quite an understatement.

The Dark Judges were introduced in Judge Dredd: Judge Death Lives (Progs 224 to 228) and the Sisters of Death joined the undying set of Judges in Judge Dredd: Necropolis (Progs 674–699).

The Dark Judges were last seen in Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos (Progs 1779 to 1782 & 1786). Part 1 of Dark Justice was published in the year end issue of 2000AD Prog 2015

The preview pages do include images that I consider as Spoilers, so be warned if you read on, again as I said at the top of this article that is why I am previewing this story separately.

Judge Logan, one of Judge Dredd’s trusted colleagues, was attacked by Judge Mortis during Day of Chaos. The withering attack of Mortis almost killed Logan, he was saved by the swift severing of the infected limb. He had seemed to be on the mend but took a turn for the worse recently. Judge Anderson visited him in the Med Centre last Prog and entered his mind to see what malaise he was suffering.

Judge Death and his colleagues come from an alternative dimension where all live is crime. He and his colleagues are able to avoid death by leaving their bodies in spirit form, with the correct treatment new bodies can be created to house the spirits.

Judge Death was originally a character used for horror stories in Judge Dredd, laler he and his comrades were used in lighter hearted stories. Dark Justice promises to return the villains to their former position.

John Wagner not only created Judge Dredd but also many other popular characters such as Strontium Dog, that character was also created in partnership with Carlos Ezquerra. John had direct input to Dredd (2012), something he was denied with Judge Dredd (1995).

Greg Staples has illustrated a number of stories in 2000AD. He played Judge Dredd in the popular fan film Judge Minty (voiced by Jared Butler). Judge Anderson in this story has the likeness of Integra Fairbrook who played Judge Anderson in Judge Minty.

1912 JD 11912 JD 2

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