ORLOK Agent of East-Meg One: Eurozoned – new series Starting in 2000AD Prog 1912 – spoiler light (includes preview pages)

ORLOK Agent of East-Meg One: Eurozoned part1
1912 O2aWriter:
Arthur Wyatt
Jake Lynch
Simon Bowland

Created by
John Wagner,
Alan Grant
Steve Dillon

Starting in Prog 1912 – on sale in stores ULK & worldwide digitally on 7th January 2015.

I’m previewing this now as the Subscription copy of this Prog is arriving already with subscribers and spoilers are bound to leak about this Prog. I have written separate reviews about Judge Dredd: Dark Justice part2 and ORLOK Agent of East-Meg One: Eurozoned part1. This is because I am aware some readers may wish to avoid spoilers of certain stories. These reviews are spoiler light but include preview pages. I will preview the full Prog later.

Introduced in Judge Dredd: Block Mania (Progs 236 to 244) Orlok became a fan favourite as a villain and equally hated as the killer of Judge Giant Senior. Orlok had several other appearances, notably with Judge Anderson. He left continuity in Judge Dredd: The Trial of Orlok (Progs 1336 to 1337), appearing in flash-back form in Judge Dredd: Jumped (Progs 1491 to 1494).

In the 2000Ad Sci-Fi Special in Summer 2014 Orlok was re-introduced written and illustrated by the same team bringing us this story. This story was set during Judge Dredd’s time as Marshal on Luna-One (Prog 51)

It seems reasonable to assume that this story follows on very closely in time from the events in the Sci-Fi Special.

Orlok and colleague Maxim Zhukov are dropped over the Zhenbao Island, an island that was disputed territory between USSR and PRC in 1969. In this story it seems history is repeating. This is the scene of Sino-Cit meeting with East-Meg Separatists.

2000AD has a long history of commenting on recent or current politics, not only in Judge Dredd but in several other strips including Invasion (which started in Prog 1 and coincidentally ended in Prog 51) which was based on a fictitious state, The Volgons, invading Britain. 2000AD started in 1977, during the ‘Cold War’ between USSR and the West. You can see why I drew on Invasion for an example.

Arthur Wyatt wrote the amazingly popular Dredd (2112) comic sequels Underbelly and Uprise among other projects for 2000AD. He started his comic career by creating Futurequake Press, publishers of 2000AD fanzines Zarjaz and Dogbreath.

Jake Lynch has illustrated stories in Judge Dredd Megazine and 2000AD such as Sinister Dexter. He was recently published in Dogbreath issue 29.

You can read more about Orlok in my article Who is Orlok?

1912 O11912 O2


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