2000AD Prog 1912 – SPOILERS including preview pages

 1912 Cover2000AD Prog 1912

Published in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release
(already out…)

General release in print & digital
Wednesday 7th January 2015
Available in all good stockists, 2000AD Futureshop & the 2000AD iPhone Ap

Genre – Sci-Fi

Here’s the line-up for this Prog.

1912 Contents


Last Prog was the bumper 100 page Prog 2015. No letters page this week. Tharg bigs up the new line-up & talks about the forthcoming Judge Dredd part-work from Hachete – you can read more about that in an article I wrote in December.

Judge Dredd: Dark Justice part2

I’ve already written about this episode with the

Last Prog we saw that four thousand of the wealthiest citizens were evacuating from Mega-City One to seek out a new life on another planet. They embarked on the luxury craft, Mayflower. We also saw a dark stranger enter Strepsylvania, the registered home of Allegra Strepsil and her new husband, Roberto Smith, demanding to see his brothers. Dredd was trying out the new Lawgiver MkIII on the range and Anderson was visiting Judge Logan in the med-bay. Logan had been recovering following being attacked by Mortis during the Day of Chaos, now he was slipping into a fevered delirium, Anderson enterred his mind to see what was ailing him.

In this issue we find out what is wrong with poor Logan – you can see the first two pages of this story in a preview I published earlier. They are not included here as they are of a higher spoiler rating than I prefer to put in a standard preview.

Savage Book 9: Grinders part2

We were treated to a flash back to ten months before the liberation of Britain last Prog. The Volgans were operating on several individuals, all killers. Enhancing them, cyberneticaly.

Now we are in post-liberation London, what the Volgans are up to is anyone’s guess. Certainly on the allied side all we know is that Howard Quartz almost certainly cannot be trusted.

1912 Savage p11912 Savage p2

The Order part2

Last Prog Anna Kohl killed the last surviving member of the Wargfolk, a clan of werewolves. Some years earlier five knights had stood against the whole clan, one was her father, three were the Blanik  brothers. The fifth was a knight she recalled seeing with her father when she was a child, one who never removed his helmet.

Anna has to adapt quickly to the ideas that Ritterstahl is an intelligent metal head. Strange as he seems she is an outsider herself so she decides to assist him.

1912 Order p1

1912 Order p2

Ulysses Sweet, Maniac For Hire: Psycho Therapist part2

Last Prog the stitch-faced killer was so plagued by his new Psych Chip that he blew half his head off so that he could have it removed. Now he is seeking out the last remaining version of his previous Chip.

1912 U p11912 U p2

Orlok Agent of East-Meg One: Eurozoned part1

Again I’ve already written in more detail about this story, twice actually. In a spoiler free article Who is Orlok and a shorter article with preview pages, the preview pages are included here as they don’t hold any spoilers. (link to the earlier article).

This story is set 37 years before the current Judge Dredd Continuity. Four years before Block Mania and the Apocalypse War.

Orlok and a colleague drop in to disputed territory. Separatists are plotting with a foreign power.

1912 O2 1912 O1

Next Prog?

More of the same…

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