Tooth & Claw

ToothandClaw_02-1tc1Tooth & Claw
Published by Image
Issue 1 – November 2014
Issue 2 – December 2014

Writer: Kurt Busiek
Artist: Benjamin Dewey
Colours: Jordie Bellaire
Letterer: John Roshell
& Jimmy Bettancourt

Genre – Fantasy

Issue 1 was a double-sized issue with 44 pages of story, no adverts & no filler. Issue 2 is a standard size with 24 pages and three pages of character design sketches.

I picked this up in my LCS simply on a whim as I wanted something new to read. It was the covers that attracted my eye firstly. Then the fact there were two recent issues. Sometime purchases on a whim really work out well

The story is set in a world where magic has separated those that live there. Some live in enchanted floating cities, the rich and the civilised. Below other toul hard to supply the cities with what they require. The former doesn’t particularly endear themselves to the latter.

All the varied races in the land are anthropomorphic animals and we see most of issue one from the viewpoint of Dunstan, a young bull-terrier. Dunstan’s father is the Trademaster for the City of Keniel. Dunstan sees first hand the treatment those that live below the city receive.

Magic is leaving the world and a group of mages have a plan to save their world, to reach back to the time magic entered the world and bring forth the Great Champion. What happens is unforeseen and the identity of the Great Champion a shock to all.

There is myth and history of the world included in both issues, giving a weight to the tale. The races are mingled in the city and it seems tribal on the ground, giving a very obvious social difference. An interesting plot with a very varied cast of characters.

Similarly the art works well to distinguish settings and the differences between the ‘civilised’ and the rural folk. At times anthropomorphic creatures can look rather contrived, it tends to be the neck and shoulder area that is awkward in many cases, here the characters are very well put together.

A very intertesting and engaging first two issues. Issue three is due out on 21st January 2015






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