Exit Generation (4 of 4)

eg4_coverExit Generation – A Creator Owned Project

Writer: Sam Read
Artist: Caio Olivera
Cover Artist: Ramon Villalobos
Colours: Marissa Louise
Letters: Colin Bell
Editor: Adam P Knave

Read French Comics

Available at OK Comics, Leeds and other retail outlets

Genre – Sci-Fi

You can read my review of Issue 1Issue 2 & Issue 3

I am behind with my reviews abnd catching up with this one, I bought this last year, I think in November. certainly it was after Thought Bubble. All four issues may still be available in your LCS. If not you could try OK Comics, the writer works there.

Self published, that’s a lot of work and dedication. Is it any good? Well I bought the fourth issue and I’ve bought the others, so I guess it is.

The story so far – 2055, 20 years after 95% of the population of Earth evacuated the ‘dying planet’ the Earth is recovering from the damage Humans had caused. Jack, born after Exit, is bored and wants something more. While out and about with his adoptive brother Mo man-eating aliens kidnap most of his community, including Mo’s family. Jack & Mo find a mechanic, Scrap, and a pilot, Hanna, who have a prototype Exit Shuttle. Reaching the alien ship our brave heroes set about rescuing the kidnapped humans, including Jack’s father who has been held prisoner since Exit.

Action packed final issue. The vegetarian alien Grunt assists Jack & Mo in their quest to rescue their family, Jack has no idea that his adoptive mother, Barni. had found his natural father. The pace hardly lets up through the comic. Satisfyingly there is a real end to this comic, something larger publishers do not always provide.

I mentioned how strong a female character Barni is in my review of last issue. The male/female ratio in central characters leans towards the male, that’s pretty standard in comics. However the main two females are perhaps the strongest, in different ways. Barni is a true leader with wisdom and the ability to stir others to action. Hannah lacks tact but is hands-on bad-ass.

The art is great, easily on a par with bigger publishers and better than in some.

I’ll be watching these creators.


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