2000AD Nort Contingent – Dredd Birthday Bash

2000AD Prog 1900 Dredd2000AD Nort Contingent
Dredd Birthday Bash

Arranged by Judge-Tutor Semple Blog

Saturday 28th February 2015
Approx 12:00 to 18:00 (tbc)

Venue: Leeds
Pub – TBC

Refreshments included (details tbc)
Tickets – price tbc once venue confirmed.

Header image is by Carlos Ezquerra from Judge Dredd: Block Judge

The 2000AD Nort Contingent refers to any fan of 2000AD, and by association any fan of anything from 2000AD – such as the Dredd (2012) film.

I’ve run one of these get-togethers once before. That time it really was just meet in a pub and chat about things. This time it will be a meet in the pub, chat about things & have a buffet. Oh yes, shit just got real cos food is involved.

The numbers coming will dictate the venue & the cost per head. Sooner I have an idea of numbers the sooner I can arrange everything and confirm Venue, Time & Ticket price. This is a non-profit enterprise, ticket price will pay for venue & refreshments. (I will accept Guinness or certain other drinks from happy attendees of course)

There are no films or talks planned. Just a convivial atmosphere for folk with similar interests to shoot the breeze. That said if you fancy turning up in costume go for it! Plus if you have anything you might want to swap or sell, sketches to show, etc, feel free to bring them along. Probably nowhere to display anything but again it depends on numbers. If plenty want to come I may be able to get a big venue.

To show interest please either join the Event on Facebook, reply on the 2000AD Forum or e-mail me on chiropterarex@googlemail.com. I’ll be in touch to gedt your contact details so I can ensure you are kept up to date.



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