1/12th Scale Judge Dredd from Mezco

dredd4Mezco Toys have released photos of their 1/12th scale Judge Dredd action figure, in comic accurate uniform.

This is a licensed figure with the full backing of 2000AD, the British anthology comic that has been the home of Judge Dredd since his debut in Prog 2 in 1977. Created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra Judge Dredd has proven to be an ever popular character.

The figure is available to pre-order on their website $65.00

Designed with close cooperation with 2000AD’s owners, Rebellion. The Judge Dredd artist Ben Wilsher assisted with the design.


Ben Wilsher has illustrated a number of Judge Dredd strips in 2000AD including The Skinning Room (Progs 1700 to 1704) and the ‘Dredd lite’ story Bender (Progs 1845 to 1849).

The figure isn’t an exact copy of Wilsher’s Dredd, you can see that from the cover of Prog 1831 here. They’ve taken their own direction with the interpretation and some people may spot elements from other artists.

Hopefully this will be well received in the Action Figure collectors community.

From Mezco website

 “The One:12 Collective Judge Dredd features:
– Iconic helmet with translucent visor
– Real leather-like fabric uniform
– Equipment belt with working compartments for grenades and ammo magazine
– Boots with holster and knife sheath
– Boot knife
– Lawgiver pistol
– Lawgiver ammo magazine
– Daystick
– Two grenades
– One set of fists
– One gun/holding hand
– One open hand
– One pointing hand
– One choking hand
– Display base and posing post”


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