1/12th scale Judge Death Figure from 3A – Pre-order from 14th January 2015

3A Death

3A, a toy manufacturer co-founded by comic creator Ashley, have previously released some action figures from the 2000AD range in 1/6th scale. They now hold the licence for a 1/12th scale range and their first figure will be Judge Death.

Judge Death is one of the most iconic villains in Judge Dredd from the British comic anthology 2000AD. Created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland and first appeared in 2000AD Prog 149, dated 26th Jan 1980. You can read more about the character in my article Who are the Dark Judges?

I don’t write about merchandise very much

3A will release this figure for prepurchase on 14th January exclusively on their online store Bambaland for $60.00. There will be a full colour version and a limited edition ‘Comic Book Edition’ in grey-tone.

I’m a fan of comics, novels and film, not so much merchandise from them. This is why I don’t write often about merchandise. Though you can read about a 1/12th Judge Dredd figure and a Judge Dredd Cosplay Penguin elsewhere on this blog. I have also written a few articles about. or mentioning Planet Replicas who make the Judge Dredd replica uniforms.

Several friends of mine, at work and online, are collectors of action figures and I understand from them that the 3A brand is highly recommended. The quality of the sculpt and the figure itself are apparently very high. I know of at least two collectors who ain to get both versions of this figure.

In discussion with collectors I became aware that substantial discounts are available by purchasing an annual membership. Sale of the membership, as far as I can tell starts on the 15th of January each year, so if you aren’t a current Member you may well muiss out on a discount on this figure. Something to consider though if you do collect action figures.

3a J Death 2 3a J Death 13a J Death 3


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