The GRIEVOUS JOURNEY of ICHABOD AZRAEL (and the DEAD LEFT in His WAKE) (1of6) – US Edition – spoiler light (preview images)

IchabodPublished by Rebellion
25th February 2015
In Stores – via Diamond (DEC141640}
Digital – 2000AD iOS App & 2000AD Shop

Script: Rob Williams
Art: Dom Reardon
Colours: Peter Doherty
Letters: Ellie de Ville

Cover: Simon Davis

Genre – Western. Horror

If you know of a longer title for a comic let me know

A very enjoyable story from one of the most popular writers currently with 2000AD. Granted saying that could be controversial given the depth of talent that the Galaxy’s Greatest has. If there was a market for it 2000AD have enough industry talent to put out at least 1 more anthology a month.

This is a Western/Horror dealing with a muderous villain and perhaps his path to redemption (or damnation). This has previously been serialised in three parts in 2000AD with scripts from Rob Williams and art from Dom Reardon, Antonio Fuso and Michael Dowling.

I’ve written about this story before in reviews of 2000AD, including a preview of the first part of the third instalment. So three parts become six for the US edition. That is due to the page count, not editing. Each series or book as run in 2000AD was 11 or 12 parts long and the episodes are usually 5 or 6 pages. So  around 60 pages per part. Ergo there will be around 30 pages per issue in US Format.

The central character was a Bushwaker in the American Civil War – for those of you that don’t know Bushwakers were independent small groups of Confederate soldiers who would harry the enemy at will. Many were little better than outlaws who murdered soldiers and civilians alike and looted as they murdered. Well Ichabod is from among the worst of these, so violent his comrades deserted him after the war.

As you will see from the preview pages below Ichabod visited the town of Corinth just once too often.

In this story he finds two allies. Zebulon Crowe, a Deputy of Corinth who Ichabod had killed, and Generall M Beauregard. a Cavalry General who ‘fought’ Indians (the sort of fighting that took place at Indian villages when the men were out hunting (and I’m using the term ‘Indians’ due to the historical setting)).

Much of the series is black & white with only the patys that are in the land of the living in colour. Elements of colour do leak in to the afterlife.

A brilliantly constructed plot with fabulous artistic realisation. This is a must-buy series if you like Horror with your Western. And if you like novels with a similar feel try One Night in Sixes by Arianne ‘Tex’ Thompson.

Ichabod 1 Credits Ichabod 1 p1 Ichabod 1 p2 Ichabod 1 p3 Ichabod 1 p4 Ichabod 1 p5 Ichabod 1 p6


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