2000AD & Judge Dredd Get Togethers.

Judge Dredd DofC Fallout cover bare

Image by Chris Weston

There are a few events I am aware of where 2000AD/Judge Dredd fans are getting together just to relax and spend time with people with a joint interest in the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic and/or the mightiest Lawman ever.

All the venues are pubs – probably no surprise – and they are just informal gatherings, no talks or displays planned. But feel free to bring things along to show off.

Several meets have taken place around the country in the past with varying success. These are a few upcoming events that I am aware of. If you run an event like these and would like me to mention them let me know.

There is also a Judge Dredd Convention in May – a bit more detail HERE and I’ll bring updates as the date gets closer.

BelfaBelfast 2000ADst 2000AD Discussion Group

Organiser – Jack Porter

Regular meetings
Next scheduled for 12:00 Saturday 31st January 2015

Venue – Lobby Bar
Europa Hotel, Belfast.

Facebook Page

A meeting of like-minded people to discuss all things 2000AD. Jack is trying to build this group up, you know it makes sense to join him.

lawgiverdredd012000AD Nort Contingent
Dredd Birthday Bash

Organiser – Judge-Tutor Semple Blog

12:00 Saturday 28th February 2015

Venue: The Victoria Hotel,

Facebook Page

We will have a reserved area for the gathering. If enough people are interested we can get a private room with a buffet for £9.95 per head.

The venue told me they’d love it if some folk turned up in Judge uniforms!

Southers2000 AD Southern Contingent
invade the Fox at Excel

Organiser – John Burdis

17:00 Saturday 14th March 2015

Venue – The Fox Excel
2 Western Gatewa y,London. E16 1DR

Facebook Page

Coinciding with London Super Comic Con to try to get as many folk there as possible.


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