Thor issues 1 & 2 – medium spoilers

Thor 2 cover thor 1 coverThor Issue 1 & 2
Published by Marvel 2014

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Russell Dauterman
Colours: Matthew Wilson
Letterer: Joe Sabino

Covers: Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson (right);
Russell Dauterman & Frank Martin (far right)

Genre – Superhero

This series made headlines worldwide when it was announced. Thor, God of Thunder, was to be replaced by a female version. Many who questioned the decision were railed on for being at best anti-feminist and at worst misogynistic.

Undoubtedly some that spoke out probably were guilty as charged, our society is full of misogyny as much as it is other very negative traits. Some however simply couldn’t see how a male character could be replaced by a female character. Captain America couyld easily be replaced with a female version, as could any other costumed character. Thor however is the name of one man, not a title.

I had one theory how it could happen. A woman possessing the hammer and the male spirit being entrapped in the hammer – this would lead to the sort of thing that we see with Firestorm, one mind ruling the body and another giving insight. It’d work… but would it be what they used?

I waited till a few issues were out so that I could get an informed look at the new character. I bought issues 1 & 2 together, issue 3 was sold out unfortunately.

I am usually careful to avoid spoilers but for this review I think it is essential to put that aside. As I find the least detail of plot spoilery I am saying there are medium spoilers some readers may find I am still over cautious in classifying them.

Issue 1 is very much set up for the new character and focuses almost entirely on Thor, the Asgardian known as The God of Thunder. He has been deemed unworthy to wield Mjolnir. Thor is a broken man, lost in desperation and his parents, Odin and Freya attempt to reach him; to try to aid him. ~Odin even atempts to alter the magic of the hammer, after all he made it in the first place, so that his son can once again lift it.

Elsewhere in this issue Roxxon are under attack by Jotun and Svartalf, Roxxon are a power company in the Marvel Universe with, and I am being kind here to them, rather dubious trading practices. They are all that is wrong in the world of Capitalism in that world. Jotun and Svartalf, I am assuming if readers of this article are not Marvel readers they have likely seen the two Thor movies so will know who these two races are.

In fact knowledge of the Avengers film series is all that is required to use this title as a jump-on. I was impressed by that as some 1st issues of Marvel (or DC) comics I have read have required a wider knowledge to fully appreciate.

Issue 1 ends with Freya alone with the hammer, Mjolnir, on the Moon. She puts some magic of her own in to the hammer (and the penny drops), The last page sees an unknown female’s hand pick up Mjolnir.

Issue two dhows this still unknown woman transformed in to Thor. She doesn’t seem to know what is happening and later in the issue she clearly has Asgardian knowledge and it surprises her that she possess it. So it seems she is Human. How a Human came to be on the moon without a spacesuit I have no idea.

The Jotun and Svartalf are looking for an item Roxxon have & Thor needs to stop them.

I’ll pick up issues 3 & 4 and review those together to see if we learn more. However I now see what they planned, they’ve made Thor more or less a title. So she is The God of Thunder in every way but the Thor we know still exists. What happens with that character we will have to wait and see.



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