Judge Dredd Megazine 356 – spoiler free

megazine 356Judge Dredd Megazine 356
Published in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release
Saturday 18th January 2015
General release in print & digital
Wednesday 21st January 2015
Available in all good stockists, 2000AD Futureshop & the 2000AD iPhone Ap

Cover: Alex Ronald

Genre: Sci-Fi

Reviewing from my subscription copy, so no preview pages.

Matt Smith gives a n ice welcome to a new story from Gordon Rennie and Lee Carter. He obviously also reminds readers that the Judge Dredd Mega Collection is released on the same day.

prog 1914 coverWorth mentioning that Prog 1914 that is in store the same day as this issue also has a cover by Alex Ronald. We aren’t certain but no one has so far come up with another artist that has had this happenstance occur. Cracking covers both, check out Alex’s blog.

Talking of covers it is well worth mentioning the blog 2000AD Covers Uncovered again. Currently the latest cover that is deconstructed is Prog 1912 by P J Holden.

Free this month with the Megazine is Red Fang by Steve Moore and Steve Yeowell, you can read my review of this story elsewhere on this blog.

Judge Dredd: The Cop part1
Script: Al Ewing
Art: Ben Wilsher
Colours: Adam Brown
Letters: Simon Dowland

Last issue we had the prologue to this story set in 2089, brilliamt comic prequel gear and uniform from Ben Wilsher.

Now it is 2137 and the recovery work from Day of Chaos is still underway. The city is bleak and the life of the Cits bleaker still. Dredd shows more of a human side than the Justice Department has on display. Meanwhile a young Frenchman is making his way in to Mega-City ~One from Euro-Cit.

More great art with some really nice character work.

American Reaper III
Script: Pat Mills
Art: Clint Langley & Fay Dalton
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Final part of this book I think… which is puzzling as I thought this book ended this month and that it would wind up a trilogy. I’ve missed something…

Reaper Files: The Man Who Murdered Himself
Script: Pat Mills
Art: Fay Dalton
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

A side story to American Reaper, an aging homosexual man has an Identity Transplant in to the body of a convicted rapist and murderer. Nothing can go wrong there, can it?

Quite nice art with a futuristic take on a 50s diner setting.

DeMarco, PI: Deja Vu part2
Script: Michael Carroll
Art: Steve Yeowell
Inks: Lee Townsend
Letters: Ellie De Ville

DeMarco still has Swiss-cheese-memory. She’s getting a few memories back and her Academy training is paying off.

Nice art is a bit ruined by the new paperstock which has a bit of bleed through (I’m reviewing this from my subscription copy) though it didn’t spoil my enjoyment. Hopefully the paperstock will be sorted for future issues.

Angelic part1
Script: Gordon Rennie
Art: Lee Carter
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

2075, in the Radlands outside Texas City.

A man named Angel is on the look out for Lone-Star Judges, a young boy named Linc in a jury rigged seat on his back. There are a couple of flashbacks that suggest the boy and the man aren’t kin & so far gives us little clue why the Judges are after them. There is a cameo by a man named Faro too.

Interesting start… Gordon Rennie referred to this story cryptically when I did an interview with him in September 2014. This may be an alternative history, or maybe it is clarification of some things… We’ll see.

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