IDW Judge Dredd Classics – Dark Judges (spoilers including preview pages)

IDW Death C CoverJudge Dredd Classics: Dark Judges
Published by IDW
21st January 2015

Script: J ohn Wagner (as John Howard)
Art: Brian Bolland
Letters: Tom Frame

Scripy: John Wagner & Alan Grant (as T.B. Grover)
Art: Brian Bolland
Letters: Ton Frame

This Edition:
Colours: Charlie Kirchoff

Originally published in 2000 AD Progs 149-151 & 225

The original Judge Death story and the sequel, Judge Death Lives, introduced one of the most iconic villains of Judge Dredd history.

Here those originals are presented, colourised but in the original ratio. You’ll see how that is handled in a US format in the preview pages that follow. These 5 pages are the first episode of Judge Death from 2000AD Prog 149, dated 26th Jan 1980. There are spoilers below, I’d say they are minor. For more spoilers you can read my ‘Who are The Dark Judges‘ article.

Judge Death and his colleagues, Fear, Fire and Mortis, are the twisted form of Justice Department from another dimension. Their world was cleansed of all life because, after all, all crime is commited by the living.

These stories also introduce Judge Anderson, Psi Division’s golden girl. Now a brief comment on helmets, Dredd obviously takes his off, we just never see that. Similarly Anderson wears a helmet, we just don’t see that. The 2012 movie handled that well, in the comic it is just SO, no in-world reason really.

The script is great, Death is a villain to fear and the threat levels seem real. Great storytelling from Brian Bolland. I’m hoping plenty of new readers pick this up. I didn’t care much for the 13 Dark Judges in IDW’s own version.

If you don’t read 2000AD give it go and get up to date with Judge Death and co as they are currently in a new Epic, Dark Justice. You can see a preview of that elsewhere on this blog. Remember that though North America and other territories have to wait for paper copies of 2000AD they are available digitally ‘day and date’ worldwide on the same day the UK & Ireland get the physical copies.

Please note, I put the borders around the preview pages to make the formatting clear.

IDW Death C P1IDW Death C P2IDW Death C P3IDW Death C P4IDW Death C P5


2 comments on “IDW Judge Dredd Classics – Dark Judges (spoilers including preview pages)

  1. Alex says:

    The coloring is most impressive. I especially like the green/blue-ish tint used on the first two pages. Adds even more creepiness to the story. Was the colorist credited?

    Re-reading this story also brings up a question. The tech-judge says Judge Death has been dead for centuries. Does that mean he has been a Dark Judge for hundreds of years? Or did he just posses a very old corpse?

    Also, several of the preview pages are linked to the wrong images.

    • Thanks Alex. I don’t know what is causing this but I know how to fix it… (will triple check next time)

      Yeah the Colourist is Charlie Kirchoff throughout. He has done a great job, very atmospheric.

      Regarding the state of the corpse; I think that it could be either… both work, though at the time I would guess the intention in the script was that Death had been in the same body all that time.

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