Spread the Dredd

Lots of Dredd goodies out today. So if you know a lapsed reader or a potential new reader why not buy an extra copy of something as a gift?

Out today:

2000AD Prog 1914 in store UK & Ireland & digitally Worldwide
prog 1914 cover

Judge Dredd Megazine 356 in store UK & Ireland & digitally Worldwide

megazine 356

Judge Dredd Classics – Dark Judges issue 1 in store Worldwide (? certainly in UK/Ireland/USA/Canada))
IDW Death C Cover

Judge Dredd Mega Collection (In Store & Subscription UK & Ireland only)
JD Mega C 1 Cover

I bought a friend part 1 of Judge Dredd Mega Collection. I also picked up two more for friends too idle to go to the shops themselves – it all counts.

At £1.99 it is one heck of a quality gift. Sorry overseas readers, licensing issues mean it can’t be sold outside UK & Ireland. I do know of at least one Brit who might be collecting the whole set for a friend in Europe (his friend can collect them at multiple comic cons through the year). I’m aware of several oher people who might also be gifting Part 1 to friends and colleagues.

As part of the ‘Make A Sequel’ campaign for Dredd (2012) people did a similar thing with DVDs and Blu-rays of the film.

Yes in the world of Comics Dredd is a pretyy safe property. But getting reader numbers up can only ever be a good thing. More projects such as Underbelly are likely to happen if readership can sustain them (and I think Underbelly proved there is untapped readership out there still).

More Dredd read by more people means more new Dredd for all.

It’s a great way to help people back in to reading – and the more people reading Dredd just has to be good for the rest of us.

So consider if you can make someone happy & Spread the Dredd!


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