Star Trek vs Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive issue 2 – spoiler light (includes preview pages)

ST POTA 2 Cover

Star Trek vs The Planet of the Apes
Issue 2 of 5
Published by Boom! Studios
21st January 2015

Writer: Scott Tipton & David
Artist: Rachael Stott
Colours: Charlie Kirchoff
Letterer: Tom B Long

Cover by Rachael Stott
Colours by Charlie Kirchoff

Genre – Sci-Fi, Film tie-in

Star Trek and Planet of the Apes are two of the most enduring classics in Sci Fi film and TV.

You can read my preview of Issue one. Boom! also have a tie-in to the new films currently on sale Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is set between the two latest films.

This story is set in the worlds of the original Star TrekTV series, as you will see from the look of Kor, the Klingon. The crew of the Enterprise have travelled through a wormhole to a parallel Earth, some years in their future. They have arrived in the world of the original Planet of the Apes film series.

You can see the alternative covers before the five preview pages at the end of this article.

Last issue was very much centred on the world of Star Trek, now the action moves to the Planet of the Apes. Though it is still Kirk and crew that we are following. Kirk and his companions are surprised to find speaking Gorillas. And shocked to find mute, less intelligent Humans.

Kirk is troubled whether the Prime Directive applies to alternate dimensions. Though clearly he will want to foil Kor’s plans regardless.

Just what will happen when Kirk or Kor encounter Taylor? Why are the Klingons arming the Gorillas?

The plot has moved on in good measure this issue and everything seems to still be sitting well with the source material. Some good dialogue, including a ‘I’m a Doctor not a…‘ line. More is seen of the Apes this issue so there is much more to take in.

The art continues to be very good, just take a good look at Cornelius when you meet him, the Chimpanzee male from the films – very good likeness. The emotions on the Ape’s faces are very well done.

There aren’t particularly any scenes in this issue that show how good Charlie Kirchoff’s colours are. Take a look at my Preview of IDW’s Dark Judges to see how good he is.

ST POTA 2 credits

ST POTA 2 p1  ST POTA 2 p2ST POTA 2 p3ST POTA 2 p4ST POTA 2 p5


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