Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles – issue one (spoiler light)


Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles
Issue 1

Published by Black Hearted Press
July 2014
Available in print £2.95
Available Digitally on Comicsfix

Writer: Gary Chudleigh
Artist: Tanya Roberts
Letters: Colin Bell

Genre – Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Still catching up with comics I bought at Thoughtbubble in November 2015. I picked this up at the BHP table, a table I had sought out due to the fact they’ve signed John Wagner, Alan Grant and Carlos Ezquerra to produce a new comic together for the first time in decades, you can read more elsewhere on this blog. Since then they’ve also signed Dan Cornwell to illustrate another John Wagner story, I’ve reviewed Dan’s work in Dogbreath issues 28 & 29.

There are three preview pages below that I have ‘borrowed from Plagued’s Twitter Account, follow them to keep up to date. You can ‘Like’ them on Facebook too if you like.

You might consider this a Young Adult title, like Harry Potter or Hunger Games. In this case it is a post apocalyptic tale of Witches and Witch Hunters,

We first meet the Witch Hunter, Thomas Mackie and his trusty dog side-kick Dex. Dex talks, but only when others aren’t around. His quarry, Miranda Lee, a Witch – well that’s why she is a Witch Hunter’s quarry I guess. The setting is a rather disheveled Glasgow.

There are Witches due to a Plague that has thinned out the population. There are also some Goblin/Orc looking characters (see below). Plus most of the Humans, Witches are considered to be a seperate race, are covered in plague sores.

The plot is interesting with a manipulating main character and her counterpart who might be just a tad more naive than is good for him. A nice introduction with a brief background to the world that can easily be expanded upon as desired.

The art is very animated and full of verve. Plenty of variety in panel sizes and angles of perspective to keep the eye entertained. The colours and effects are all well judged. Great storytelling.

plagued p6

plagued p7plagued p8


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