Death Sentence – French Edition out now

wpid-img_20150204_130225.jpgDeath Sentence
Published by Delcourt
3rd February 2015

160 pages

Available from BDFugue
Reference Number – 9782756062341

Writer: Montynero
Artist Mike Dowling

A French imprint of the sensational Death Sentence from Montynero and Mike Dowling.

I’ve previously reviewed the monthly editions from Titan, you can read bout issue 1 here. I published an interview with Montynero prior to publication of that issue.

My French isn’t too good so I’ll spare you any atempt at me trying to review this in French. Montynero tweeted a link to a French review, I’m trusting it is a good review. As I say my French isn’t too good but from what I understood it seems to be a very nicve review.

The plot follows three people who have recently learnt they have an incurable, fatal, STD. As they get closer to death they gain superheroic abilities, the closer to death the more powerful they become. This is a look in to their lives as much as their impending death.

If your first language is French, or you read French and fancy a challenge, I’d very much recommend this book. It is as emotional as it is an action adventure.

A second volume, in English, is on the weay. More about that in my earlier article you can find here.


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