Velvet – issue 1 by Brubaker & Epting (spoilers)

velvet 1Velvet
Issue 1

Published by Image
23 October 2013

Writer: Ed Brubaker
Artist: Steve Epting
Colours: Elizabeth Breiteriser
Letters: Chris Eliopoulis

Genre – Thriller

While I am aware of their work on Winter Soldier I came to Ed Brubaker via Sean Phillips. Being a 2000AD fan I knew of Sean Phillips’ art and seeing his name alongside Ed Brubaker’s on Fetale I decided to try that series. I’m currently reading Fade Out so I decided to try Velvet.

This being over a tear old I’m not going to pull the punches on spoilers. So if you hate spoilers turn back. As I have only read this issue though I’m not spoiling the series and if you asked about at your LCS they’d probably tell you more than I will.

This story is about Velvet Templeton, a ‘Girl Friday for the Director of a secret organisation, Arc 7.

Arc 7 is an organisation that is so far off the radar other secret organisations speak of it as though it were a myth. Their Agents are the best in the world, they are invisible. So when one of them is killed in action, assassinated, then something is more than amiss,

Velvet isn’t all she seems. She sees this for what it is, am inside job. When the finger is pointed at a retired Agent she knows it can’t be true. Someone else is framing him, she is certain of it.

Brubaker is a very fine script writer. His characters are well constructed and interesting. Flash backs and scene changes filter through the details in a careful and measured manner.

Epting’s art is dark and full of suspense, supported well by Elizabeth Breiteriser’s mood inducing colours.Each character is a player in the story, emotions are well displayed and figure forms are brilliant. There is even a panel, the last one on page 15, that seems to have a shoulder in an awkward position, which if you follow the arm is explained by the pose, brilliant

I’ve a well stocked LCS so I am pretty sure I will be able to pick up most of the series to get up to date. Issues are roughly every two months and the next regular copy is Issue 10 due out on 25th February 2015.


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