Star Wars Issue 1 & 2 from Marvel – spoilers

20150212_215934Star Wars
Issues 1 & 2
Published by Marvel

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: John Cassaday
Colours: Laura Martin
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos

Cover: John Cassaday
Cover Colours: Laura Martin

Genre: Sci-Fi

Pardon the image, always struggle with right lighting in my house (I take OK shots of moving horses outside). I struggled finding the right images anywhere online without infringing other users’ right by borrowing their photos, clearly they struggled to find the covers easily too.

I’m assuming these stories are considered canon, as are the Clone Wars and Rebels cartoons, from a certain point of view. That said there were a few things in these issues that caused me concern for continuity purposes. I decided to delay reviewing until I read Darth Vader issue 1

The comics start with a comic version of the rolling text intos so famous from the movies. This story takes place very shortly after the events of Episode IV, beginning with a shuttle from Tatooine arriving at the site of an Imperial Weapons Factory.Han is on the shuttle with  Luke and Leia disguised as guards from Jabba’s Palace. Artoo is didguised as an Astromech Droid and we soon learn that Han is disguised as Han, and supposedly here representing Jabba the Hutt. It seems the Empire do not know his tenure with Jabba has come to an end, though they are aware of the bounty on him.

Apparently the Empire went to deal with Jabba and are expecting a delegation to meet with their Negotiator, who is yet to arrive.

Chewbacca and Threepio are hidden in the Milenium which in turn is hidden in some junk. Gotta respect the use of recurring themes.

Obviously our heroes try to cause trouble at the cite and obviously as you can see from the cover of issue 2 Darth Vader is the Negotiator.

Now herein lays the issue I was concerned about. Luke or Leia meeting Vader too often was a big problem in the 1970s and 80s. I loved those early comics but it was clear the next movie would have to ignore everything that happened in them. I was a child of course and actually I found it easy to separate the two in my head, it didn’t matter much to me. Now it’d cause me an issue.

Luke and Vader engaging in a lightsabre battle and Vader even temporarily holding Luk’s sabre. His own sabre. Yeah I was uncomfortable with all this. The rest of the storty worked for me. but I had reservations as I say.

Now otherwise the pacing is great, the characterisation is also good. It is a well crafted story and fits the setting.

And the art is to notch with the cast looking how they should. It is a very nice looking comic with gutsy Saturday matinee action.

So misgivings aside I enjoyed it – my son had to listen to those misgivings though.


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