2000AD Prog 1918 – spoiler light (preview pages)

 1918 cover2000AD Prog 1918

Published in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release
Saturday 14th February 2015

General release in print & digital
Wednesday 18th February 2015
Available in all good stockists,  2000AD iOS App & 2000AD Shop

Genre – Sci-Fi

Here’s the line-up for this Prog1918 comtents

Tharg bigs up this week’s incoming thrills Survival Geeks first graced the pages as part of the 3rillers line-up in 2013, quite interesting that it returns alongside a new 3-part thriller. He also mentions the publication of Judge Dredd Megazine 357, also out next week (I’ll hopefully preview that on Tuesday).

Judge Dredd: Dark Justice part8

Fear is down, three remain. In turn the Dark Judges have thinned out the team from Mega-City One.

As you can see from below, credits on first page & titles on the second, Dredd is still spry. Has he been to rejuve again? He doesn’t want to lose any more to the bad guys. Anderson, elsewhere, has similar ideals but panic might play a part there.

You can read more about Judge Death and his colleagues in my article Who Are The Dark Judges?
1918 jd21918 jd1

Survival Geeks: Steampunk’d part1

It looks very much like Sam has lost the plot. Still trapped in the house that is stuck travelling through dimensions. Still trapped with three rather nerdy young men. one of which she had a druken one night standf on the fateful night the houyse was turned in to a dimension travelling vehicle.

1918 dg11918 dg2

 Tharg’s 3rillers: From Station to Station part1

Nope – not a clue what is going on…

Puzzled as heck, enjoy!

1918 3ill1

1918 3ill2

The Order part8

We learn more about Anna this episode and there is a shock ending!

Proving to be quite popular with many readers this is a fun, matinee style story.

1918 to2 1918 to1


Savage Book 9: Grinders part8

Well Bill isn’t in much of a mood for reconciliation. I guess he lost too much along the way. Yet he is so focused on Britain being free of the Volgans he seems blind to everytghing around him.

Dame Shirley Brown’s family appear, gawd bless ’em. I was kinda hoping for Brendan O’Carrol to be there.

1918 s1 1918 s2

Next Prog:

More of the same…


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