Darth Vader issue 1 – spoilers

Darth Vader 01Darth Vader
Issues 1
Published by Marvel

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Salvador Larocca
Colours: Edgar Delgado
Letters: VC’s Joe Caramanga

Cover: Adi Granov

Genre: Sci-Fi

I saw this cover back in August when I listened to Adi Granov talking at The Royal Armouries, Leeds about Iron Man, Comic Covers & Licensing. This was the normal retail cover, I wanted it. I often pick up a variant and if I had it would probably have been Skottie Young’s. But I wanted this cover since seeing the huge version I saw at the Armouries.

The story in this comic meshes with the story in Issues 1 & 2 of Star Wars which I reviewed earlier. So it is clear that there is an over acing storyline that will connect most of the few Star Wars comics – Princess Liea issue 1 is due out in March.

The action is set very shortly after Episode IV and begins with Vader visiting Tatooine.


Vader is setting up a meeting with Jabba the Hutt. This will be to replace the meeting he was supposed to have with Jabba’s representative at a meeting on Cymoon One. Jabba, predictably, tries to out wit Vader and that gets sticky.

In a flashback Vader also has to explain his failure on Cymoon which dredges up his failure with the Death Star. It seems the Emperor is much more forgiving than Vader.

In my review of Star Wars issues 1 & 2 I mentioned my misgivings with Luke meeting Vader. This issue makes clear the intention of the writers’ plans. I’m still not 100% comfortable that it doesn’t create continuity issues but we’ll have to wait and see to be sure either way.

Over all the look and feel of this issue are fine. Where required it firs with the other title as I said earlier and it sets up plenty of extra details for further expansion.

More of the same next month I assume.

And here is a version of Adi Granov’s cover sans logo, lettering and bar code.



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