Easter Jousting at Royal Armouries – Female Jouster named as entrant.

Easter TRoyal Armouries
Friday 3rd April to
Monday 6th April 2015

Tickets from £6(£4)
All day tickets from £10(£5)

(image from the Royal Armouries Easter Tournament FB Page)

Tournaments at Royal Armouries are a great family event. The action is real, unscripted in anyway – well except for the Herald who will have a few things to say to educate and entertain.

Pre-Joust entertainment includes Jesters and Minstrels. There will also be a number of other attractions and entertainments available.

The Royal Armouries announced on Sunday 8th March 2015 (International Women’s Day) that Nicky Willis is among the Knights taking part in the Tournament this year.

Nicky is an English Knight and owner of Horses for History and I understand she is the Manager of Jason Kingsley‘s Tournament Stud. I’m not sure how long she has been jousting but she certainly has experience.

It is important to know that Nicky isn’t the first female Knight to take part in a Tournament at the Armouries, that honour went to Alix van Zilj in August 2013. There are also a number of female Men-at-Arms that have taken part over the years, such as Lucy Atkinson and Gill Collin. Jousting is an inclusive sport.

More information about all the Jousters is available in another article

I go to most of the shows in Jousting season, along with my son and his fiance. We’ve made some good friends while there, some of the photos in articles I have written are taken by our friend Kelly Fowler. I highly recommend this event.

Not only do you get live action mounted combat by skilled Knights there are skills at arms and trick riding from the Men-at-Arms from Atkinson Action Horses, who also provide the mounts. Horse safety is paramount and you can get to meet the horses after each show. Atkinson Action Horses can also currently be seen in action in BBC’s Poldark.

Tickets are available for individual shows online from the Royal Armouries box office. To order day tickets and save a few pounds you need to order by phone, details on the box office page.


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