New Bad Company story by Milligan/Dayglo/McCarthy coming to 2000AD 30th September 2015

BC1 Bad Company was created by Peter Milligan, Brett Ewins and Jim McCarthy and premiered in Prog 500 in December 1986. Based loosely on an idea from John Wagner and Alan Grant that was set aside Bad Company told the story of Danny Franks, an everyman entering the mad world of Kano and his unit of soldiers in their battle against their alien enemy, the Krool.

Brett Ewins sadly died last month, his penciling duties are taken up by his friend Rufus Dayglo. Peter Milligan is returning to 2000AD in charge of the script and Jim McCarthy returns to Ink the story. Milligan and McCarthy haven’t been published in 2000AD since 2002, Milligan’s last work was on Bad Company in Prog 1227 (February) with McCarthy’s last work being on the 5 page one-shot His Masters Voice in Prog 1310 {September).

This series began planning before Brett Ewins died, Brett might not have been ready to return to regular work but with three of his friends working on this story it is likely he’d have been consulted on designs I would think. Maybe we’d have got a cover or two from him.

Peter Milligan said:

“Since I began writing my new Bad Company story, anyone who’s connected with 2000 AD has probably heard the sad news of the death of Brett Ewins, penciller and vital component of the original Bad Company team. Brett was a great artist and a great friend and this story has become something of a homage to his memory. If that puts more pressure on us to produce a new story that lives up to the Bad Company name so be it. FIRST CASUALTIES is a surprising tale, revealing new truths about Bad Company and their world, and also saying something about our own world. I hope it’s a fitting tribute to a man without whom Bad Company would never have been what it was.”

Brett Ewins brought a design to the characters that was unique and eye catching, though Kano clearly has a touch of Frankenstein’s Monster to him. The story followed Danny Franks as he became consumed by the war. Ararat itself was as much a character of this story as Mega-City One is in Judge Dredd. The setting, through the words of Milligan gave Ewins an amazing sandbox to play in.

Readers are already reacting to this news with interest.



Matt Smith, 2000AD Editor said:

“It’s very exciting to see Peter return to 2000 AD after a thirteen-year absence, writing one of his signature creations, though of course the shadow of Brett’s passing means the strip will be as much a tribute to the great artist’s work as it is a new chapter in the story of Kano and co. Rufus Dayglo, a long-time friend of Brett’s, will be handling the pencils and with original series inker Jim McCarthy on board, we’ll hope to maintain the manic energy and dark, hallucinogenic quality of previous Bad Company stories. It’s incredible to think that it’ll be 30 years in 2016 since the first episode was published in Prog 500, and the characters remain as strong and vibrant as ever.”BC2

In the words of 2000AD’s head of PR, Michael Molcher:

In humanity’s war with a vicious alien species known as the Krool on the planet Ararat, when his own unit is destroyed a young soldier called Danny Franks is recruited by a band of renegades known as Bad Company. This collection of freaks and maniacs is led by Kano, a taciturn Frankenstein’s Monster-like soldier who keeps a secret in a little box that he refuses to show anyone else. The naive Franks must not only survive the re-animated dead human soldiers, human/alien hybrids, and other monstrosities thrown at them by the Krool but also the insanity and instability of his own comrades as they plunge deeper and deeper into the “Krool heart” of the conflict as the clock ticks down for the future of the human race – but his fate was to become not only as addicted to the war as Kano, but to become the collective mind of the Krool themselves.

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