Let Your 2000AD Hero Protect your Mobile, E-reader, Tablet & Laptop

Szinz12000AD have announced they have teamed up with Diabloskinz, the UK’s number one mobile device skin manufacturer. They will be producing a range of Skins, Decals and Cases for a wide range of devices.

Characters available will include such fan favourites as Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper.

Michael Molcher, Head of PR for 2000AD, said:

“Judge Dredd and a galaxy of characters from the legendary 2000 AD are coming to a brand new range of skins and cases!

Fans will be able to customise their devices with some of the greatest art from almost 40 years of 2000 AD, with the first raft of designs featuring work from such industry legends as Jock, Dean Ormston, Frazer Irving, Greg Staples, Ian Gibson, Cliff Robinson and more!”

The first wave of products are available World Wide from Diabloskinz now, featuring Judge Dredd and Judge Death with art from Jock, Ian Gibson, Greg Staples, Dean Ormston, Cliff Robinson, Ben Wilsher and Colin Wilson.

Popular brands such as HTC, Samsung and Blackberry are among the lines available along with the obvious Apple and Kindle brands.

With retail negotiations are underway with Amazon in Europe, other outlets will become available hopefully.


Diabloskinz founder James Marlow said:

“I’m delighted to be working with 2000 AD, being an avid comic book reader and grown up with the likes of Judge Dredd since I was a teenager, the ability to combine their amazing comic art with our printing technology is fantastic. Now fans all the over the world will be able to take their favourite characters and artwork with them where ever they go!”

Jason Kingsley, CEO of 2000 AD publishers of Rebellion, commented:

“The writers behind Judge Dredd were uncannily accurate in predicting the future – even if they were slightly off with the timescale – and with the proliferation of handheld tech into our lives it often feels like we’re living in a 2000 AD world. So I’m really looking forward to seeing characters from 2000 AD, the comic of the future, make it onto phones and tablets in the future. 2000 AD fans love to show their passion for our characters – and what better way than on devices you use every day?”

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