Countdown to Lawgiver MkII – Guest spotlight – Nick Percival

PanelPanelNick Percival, artist, will be a Guest at Lawgiver MkII, Hilton Doubletree, Bristol, Bank Holiday Monday 25th May. Tickets available from Eventbrite. Do take a look at Nick’s website.

Nick Percival was a Guest at the first Lawgiver convention in May 2014, he is in the centre on the picture heading this article, I don’t know who took the picture, I borrowed it from the write-up of the event on the Cellar of Dredd run by John Burdis who is one of our official uniformed Judges (attendees are encouraged to come in Judge Uniform or as Perps, Citizens if they want to dress for the occasion but it is optional).

I ran the panel that this photo was taken during, it was cunningly called ‘The How to Draw a Panel Panel’. All three artists, from left to right Pete Doherty, Nick & David Roach, will be at Lawgiver MkII.

Nick Percival is a professional artist and is known for not only his Judge Dredd work but also for various comics and as a concept artist. Many of his comic fans might not know that Nick is also a writer and CG Animation Director.

Nick was a great Guest at the inaugural Lawgiver convention and I am looking forward to meeting him again. A very clear speaker he is very interesting to listen to and gave very detailed answers to questions I put to the panel. The secret of moderating a panel is to let the Guests do most of the talking, the attendees are here to see them after all.

1923 coverAs an artist Nick brings vibrant colours and lots of character. He is featured as the cover artist of 2000AD Prog 1923 and Judge Dredd Megazine 358, both out on the Wednesday following publication of this article (Wed 25th March 2015).

On the right is the cover of Prog 1923, you can read more about that on the 2000AD Covers Uncovered from Pete Wells. The image is of Howard Quartz in Savage: Book 9 Grinders by Pat Mills, Howard Quartz first appeared in Ro-Busters in 2000AD’s sister comic Starlord in 1978 (which later merged with 2000AD).

Meg 258The detail in his covers is amazing, on the left is Mean Angel, a member of the infamous Angel Gang who first appeared in The Judge Child epic, the story ran from Prog 156 to 181 withe the Angel Gang first appearing in Prog 160.

As you can see there is a high degree of realism in the picture yet without losing the quality of a comic character. The story is about Mean Angels final days, a Black Museum story by Michael Carroll, Michael is on the organising committee for Lawgiver, he will also be at Lawgiver MkII.

Nick will be taking part in Panels, I hope to bring you more on that when the full program is released. Last year he was also available for sketches during the day, hopefully that will be happening again this year.

Nick wrote and illustrated Legends: The Enchanted, published by Radical Comics in 2010.legends


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