Who will win the Easter Tournament at Royal Armouries?

easter joust 2015

Royal Armouries Leeds
Good Friday 3rd April to Easter Monday 6th April 2015
Shows twice daily 12:00 & 15:00

Tickets Available from Royal Armouries
Friday to Sunday:
Adults £6 per show or £10 for all day.
Children/Concessions £4 per show or £5 per day.
Adults £8 per show or £14 for all day.
Children/Concessions £6 per show or £10 per day.

The Tournament is drawing closer and the Jousters are all announced.

There are two competitions this year, Individual and Team, there is also a mass melee on horse. More details about all of this below and if anything changes or if anything new comes to light I will let you know.

There are three teams competing in the Team Contest; England, Poland and Burgundy.


11061260_798387530232220_8364625980585847028_oAndy Deane

andydeane2Andy has been jousting at Royal Armouries for twenty years this year. He has told me that he is retiring from competition this year, he has said this before but seems to mean it this time.

He hopes to be the Marshall for next year’s event, in the 21st year of Jousting at the Royal Armouries.

Andy is a very competetive jouster and was the individual Champion at Arundel International Tournament in 2014.

Nicky willisNicky Willis

nicky colours

Nicky is an experienced Jouster, I am not aware of how long she has been competing but she first competed outside the UK in 2010.

Nicky is the second woman to compete at Royal Armouries, Alix van Zilj competed in August 2013. There are few female jousters but jousting is an inclusive sport and they compete alongside men as true equals.


jarek coloursJarek StruczynskiJarek Struczynski

Jarek was behind the reconstruction and renovation of Gniew Castle, which started in 1992. the Tournament of King John III takes place here each June.

A very experienced competitor and reenactor he founded reenactment of The Battle of Tannenberg (1410) and takes part as the Grand Master of Teutonic Order. Competing worldwide he was individual champion at Le Tournoi du Lys d’Argent in 2012, and Tournament in Trondheim and Tournament of the Pheonix in 2013.

jan coloursjan gradonJan Gradon

Jan is a member of Xiazeca Druzyna, a Polish historical mounted display team, He competes in Europe and America.

He won the prestigious  Tournament of the Phoenix, California, in 2011.

Along with his colleague Jarek Struczynski Jan runs the Tournament of King John III at Gniew Castle, Poland


Ben van Koertben coloursBen van Koert

Ben takies part in a huge array of reenactments of Medieval medieval war and tournament on foot and on horse in Germany, Belgium, the UK, the US, Australia and in his mome country of the Netherlands. He is a member of both Stichting HEI, in  the Netherlands, and Destrier in UK.

In 2013 he was awarded the chivalry prize at the Arundel Castle International Tournament. In 2014 he was part of the winning Burgundian team.

steve colourssteve gagnonSteve Gagnon

Steve is from Quebec and is the creator and founder of Canada’s leading historic jousting tournament, the Tournoi du Lys d’Argent near Montreal. He trains horses and jousters at his farm.

He was Champion  of the King John III International Tournament in 2013. In 2014 he competed for France in the Arundel Castle International Tournament.

So there are some pen pictures of our heroic competitors. Most of the images above are from the Royal Armouries Facebook pages or Blog. I do not usually crop photos but to get a reasonably consistent layout in this case I have done so. This was particularly necessary for Nicky’s heraldry.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Marshal for this event will be Stacy van Dolah-Evans. Stacy is a member of Destrier and has been a regular competitor, and indeed Champion, over the years.

Below is a picture of me awarding the Sword of Honour to Stacy at the Tournament of Champions in 2013, the angle isn’t flattering to Stacy, it was taken  from the VIP box which as you can see faces the audience.sword2.1

Attendees will be encouraged to support the Polis and Burgundian teams. As a ‘journalist’ I’m neutral but as a Yorkshireman I’ll be cheering on the home team.


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