Poldark hits halfway point tomorrow – spoiler free

Seamus poldarkPoldark
BBC 1 Sundays 21:00

First Episode first aired on 8th March 2015


Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark
Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza
Heida Reed as Elizabeth Chenoweth
Kyle Soller as Francis Poldark

Based om the books by Winston Graham

I wrote about this series before it started mostly because my friends from Atkinson Action Horses had supplied the horses, trainers, stunt riders and extras. One of their horses, Seamus, gets quite a lot of screen time as Ross Poldark’s horse.

I did the same with Jamaica Inn last year and spent half the time pointing at the screen naming the horses I could see. I keep getting distracted by the story with this series, not that I didn’t enjoy Jamaica Inn.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere is a picture I took of Seamus at one of the shows at the Royal Armouries.

Candice performs several tricks with different horses but in this show Seamus was her main mount. He is a very experienced performer. Even when things don’t go exactly to plan he can be relied upon as you can see below.


You might notice that in my pictures Seamus has different coloured fetlocks (the bit above the hoof) that is because just like humans animals go to make-up too. Seamus also has a stunt double, I must remember to ask Mark or Ben Atkinson who the stunt double is next time I see them.

So sometimes when I see a horse on TV that I’ve seen performing in a show or in the stables I’m not always certain I am identifying the horse properly. Though I couldn’t miss Ted in Jamaica Inn (my son thought I’d lost the plot completely then…).

The human actors in Poldark are doing a fine job supporting Seamus in his starring role. I hope everyone is tuning in if they can. Pretty sure BBC Worldwide will be getting this syndicated around the world.

Atkinson Action Horses supply horses, trainers and other services to TV & Film as well as performing around the country live. They can be seen at the Royal Armouries in Leeds at the Easter Tournament.


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