Countdown to Lawgiver MkII – Guest spotlight – Jock


Jock, in the centre of this picture courtesy of Michael Carroll (left to right 2000AD PR Michael Molcher, DC & Marvel’s Chris Burnham, Jock, Michael Carroll & Henry Flint – taken at SDCC), is one of the great line-up of Guests at Lawgiver MkII, Hilton Doubletree, Bristol, Bank Holiday Monday 25th May. Tickets available from Eventbrite. Do take a look at Jock’s website.

jock TBThis will be Jock’s first appearance at Lawgiver, where I will be running some Panels. You may have had chance to see him at other conventions, such as Thought Bubble, but as this is the only Judge Dredd Convention in the UK there will be less of Batman in the rain – seriously he is brilliant at those pictures. I saw him draw this one at Thought Bubble in 2012, while being interviewed by fellow Lawgiver Guest Peter Doherty. This sketch was auctioned, proceeds went to UK children’s charity, Barnado’s.

Jock 1203Jock started out in comics with 2000AD, first with a Gordon Rennie story, Reapermen, in Prog 1170 in November 1999. He swiftly moved up to Judge Dredd in Judge Dredd Megazine in May 2000 on Dead Ringer Part 2 by John Wagner (Duncan Fegredo did Part 1 and a different artist provided art for each of the seven parts).

His first 2000AD cover was Prog 1203 in July 2000. Interestingly this Dredd cover was after his first Dredd interior, Judge Dredd – And the Shirley Temple of Doom (part 1) Prog 1193, 17th May 2000. Covers don’t always come before interiors but it does seem commonly that way.

Andy Diggle was Tharg’s senior representative at the time and he certainly liked what Jock was doing. So much so that he took him to US comics when Diggle penned The Losers for Vertigo.

Jock has also worked on concept art for a film or two, you may have heard of the Dark Knight Trilogy for example. He famously tweeted a few ideas for how he saw the Dredd (2012) film before pre-production was far off the ground. The Internet picked up on this assuming he was attached to the project, he wasn’t but Alex Garland liked what he saw and ‘hey presto’.

Jock will be taking part in Panels at Lawgiver MkII and hopefully sketching a few Dredd pictures.

A magnificent talent and I am looking forward to seeing him at Lawgiver.

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