Museums at Night – Vote for Royal Armouries to win a Halloween Installation by Davy & Kristin McGuire

mcguiresMuseums at Night is a national even where many Museums are opening their doors after hours and putting on special activities. Royal Armouries Leeds are involved in the event in a slightly different way.

Museums at Night are running a competition where the winner gets the chance to work with an artist who will design a one of installation for the venue. Five venues have the chance to work with such an artist. This is determined by votes cast online between 1st and 16th May 2015.

Royal Armouries Leeds are competing to secure the services of Davy & Kristin McGuire. The McGuire’s blend traditional paper art with projected animation to create a wordless story. Continue reading

Judge Dredd Mega Collection – Issue 9 – 13th April 2015 – includes preview pages

MC 9 cover

Judge Dredd
Mega Collection
Published by Hachette & Rebellion

Issue 9
Devlin Waugh: Swimming in Blood
13th May 2015

Available in UK & Ireland only
In Stores £9.99


Continuing the popular Judge Dredd Partwork with another dip in to characters from his world.

Just a reminder that the Issue number doesn’t match the numbers on the spine. They are issued this way to keep the subject matters varied as I believe that once assembled in order the spines not only make a picture but the sunjects of the volumes are in batches close together. For example Issue 2, Mechanismo, was Volume 24 and Issue 6, Mandroid, was Volume 25. That places a book about Robots next to one about a Cyborg.

Devlin Waugh is a debonair Englishman and an agent of the Vatican. As such has Diplomatic jurisdiction throughout the Mega Cities and uses his access to his heart’s desire. And his heart has desires. This amusing yet serious character has a dash of Noel Coward to him – with the body of a body builder. Continue reading

Countdown to Lawgiver – Signings, Sketching, Traders & Goodies

lawgiver adlawgiver adlawgiver adLG MkII mastheadLawgiver MkII is the second annual Celebration of Dredd. This is the only convention currently dedicated solely to Judge Dredd. Whether it is Comic or Film this convention hopes to cater for all.

I’m part of the Organisers Group and help with giving opinions on what entertainment we will put on for those attending and inviting Guests. I also run some of the Panels where I help facilitate discussion with the Guests.

There is more to the convention than just the chatter I help generate, entertaining chatter it is though. Continue reading

Ben Atkinson, Horseman – Regarding Royal Armouries and Poldark

Ben Atkinson is a horse rider and trainer, part of Atkinsons Action Horses with his father, Mark, and sister, Lucy. They have around 65 horses and I think around 20 riders to call on.

I first saw Ben in Easter 2013 at Royal Armouries, after a few years away (figuratively) I had returned to see a Tournament and found that there was even more to the show than when I used to go regularly. The extra part was of course Atkinson Action Horses (AAH).

AAH were an instant hit with me, later with my son Saul and his fiance and Ellis.

I’ve continued to watch AAH at Royal Armouries and keep an eye on what they are doing. Recently Ben, the horses and humans of AAH have been in BBC’s Poldark on Sundays, this article coincides with the last episode of Poldark. The series has been renewed, so more horse action to see one hopes. Ben is the stunt double for Aidan Turner, as Ross Poldark, the hero of the tale. Continue reading

MH – Time To Get Going (possible Trigger: people making assumptions about you)

People make assumptions about other people all the time. That’s a fact of life and it is something that is in fact an important aspect of our lives. By making assumptions and acting upon them we build a picture of ourselves and others. However when doing so many mistakes can be made.

Something I find really quite annoying is when people assume that if I get up late it is due to:

  • Being lazy
  • Staying up late
  • Combination of the two.

I wish that were the case. As with many people with mental health issues  I have difficulty getting going each day. Some days it is very minor, other days I will be either struggling for hours to get going or indolent almost to a state of non-existence.

I am not exaggerating. Anyone who has experienced Depression will be able to understand that feeling of emptyness that sometimes falls. In that state I function only on the most simple terms. I will go to the toilet but I may not eat or drink, drinking is more likely than eating. I will be awake but I won’t move, other than from the bedroom to the bathroom. Continue reading

Countdown to Lawgiver MkII – Guest spotlight – Michael Carroll

Minty Panel - Tony RichardsThe name Michael Carroll appears quite a lot throughout this blog. From the Judge Badge in my title banner, my Interview with Mike, reviews of his work on Judge Dredd such as Wolves in 2000AD and his e-novels such as The Third Law. Also for his work not linked to 2000AD or Judge Dredd, such as Hunter.

Michael was part of last year’s Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd. He was part of the Judge Minty Panel that I ran, he is on the right of this photo taken by Tony Richards.

In this Intro I’ve given a lot of detail, what’s left to say?
Continue reading

Free Comic Book Day – Saturday 2nd May 2013

FCBD Date 2015This article is written from a UK perspective and does concentrate on 2000AD & Judge Dredd. However obviously Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is bigger than that.

For one thing FCBD started in USA, in 2001. So clearly bigger than UK and 2000AD. So my preamble is dedicated to including everyone and the main body of the article is where I get all local n such.

FCBD is a day set aside by members of the Comic industry to encourage readers to engage with their local stores. Commonly these shops are referred to as Local Comic Stores (LCS) and this term covers chains as well as small businesses.

Comics are put out by publishers both big and small and distributed to participating shops by Diamond. The costs are covered by the LCS, yes they buy these books to give away. So if you take part do bear that in mind, maybe buy something too – I guess you get a pass if you already shop there.

Here is a link to the Store Locator, this will find all participating stores regardless of country. Yes, this is something we are all united in, same day world wide for all comic fans.

So get out there and get involved. Check out the FCBD Website for a list of all the comics included in the main event (some stores do more…) and the Facebook Page rolls out things all year round. Continue reading

2015 Summer Special – out in print and digital on 24 June!

2000 AD Summer Special
Cover by Greg Staples
24 June for just £3.50 in stores
digitally from the 2000 AD webshop and the 2000 AD Apple and Android apps

There is no cover image yet – I’ll bring that when I see it – however there are some preview pages at the end of this article.

The 2014 Sci-Fi Special was a test run, 2000AD said this at the time. Well it sold very well, again we knew this. So there will be another special this year.

You can read more about last year’s Special elsewhere. Brlow are the details, all I know at the moment, about this year’s Special. Continue reading

To End All Wars – Double Eisner nomination for WWI Anthology.

teawThe WWI anthology  from Soaring Penguin has received two nominations for the Eisner Awards. Nominated for Best Anthology and Best Reality-Based.

These awards are announced annually at San Diego Comic Con, it isn’t too much exaggeration to say this is pretty much the Oscars for comics.

I wrote a review of this book back in August 2014. Among the contributors is Neil McClements, a very talented artist who I have had the pleasure to work with on There Are Others Out There. Continue reading