Comic Reviews on hold over Easter

Due to how much time I will be at Royal Armouries this Easter I won’t have time for many, if any, comic reviews till Tuesday. This is a big family time for me with the Jousting being a central part of our Easter.

FINAL COVER (For Web Use)However when I do have time I’ll be bringing reviews up to date for 2000AD, Judge Dredd Megazine & Judge Dredd Mega Collection (no idea what order. I also have a lovely tome from Hibernia Press, Dracula, to let you all know about.

It’d be grossly unfair to Hibernia in particular to squeeze it in. The quality of their books is amazing. You can read about several on here, click this link.

I will try to bring more reviews of small press comics this year. As well as Creator Owned projects, yes mostly from folk that have worked on 2000AD or the Megazine.

I do obviously review other comics from time to time but if you look you will clearly see a bias towards creators I first read in 2000AD. It has been a deliberate step, given that this started off as a blog for a Judge Dredd RPG that failed to get off the ground. Even Jousting links back to 2000AD (see why here) and a TV show about Polar Bears written in 2013 is still the most read article on here, Shako was a Polar Bear…

Clearly those are coincidences, I write about my interests, but I find them to be interesting coincidences.

I will try to expand the publishers I deal with regarding Press Releases & Previews. I’ll also try to bring you more on those Press Releases. This is a one-man show so I am limited to what I can fit in around work etc but it gives me a lot of enjoyment.

Hope you all come back after Easter to read about comics.

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