MH – What haven’t I been writing about?

Some time ago I started a separate blog. It is called Chitopterarex, one of my online pseudonyms, the one I use on WordPress obviously. Here and there my real name is in the ‘About’ part of the blog.

Why separate?

That one is about Mental Health. I thought that it didn’t fit the remit of this blog. I thought my readers here might not want to read about Mental Health.

Yet on here I write about a very varied list of topics. If you read my comic articles you might not read the nature ones. If you read my Jousting articles you might not read some of the film and TV articles.

I write here of my interests. So why not about Mental Health? If my readers can already chose to read a comic article about Judge Dredd but not one about Planet if the Apes they can choose whether or not to read my articles about Mental Health.

After all Mental Health can affect anyone.

In the end that other blog became neglected.

I will head these articles with MH as I have with this one. If I feel there are potential triggers in my MH articles I will include a warning just add I do about spoilers.

So I am closing the other blog. I will reblog or rewrite some of the things  on there & write more on here. It won’t reduce my comics articles much but more likely increase my output instead.

Thanks for reading.


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