To End All Wars – Double Eisner nomination for WWI Anthology.

teawThe WWI anthology  from Soaring Penguin has received two nominations for the Eisner Awards. Nominated for Best Anthology and Best Reality-Based.

These awards are announced annually at San Diego Comic Con, it isn’t too much exaggeration to say this is pretty much the Oscars for comics.

I wrote a review of this book back in August 2014. Among the contributors is Neil McClements, a very talented artist who I have had the pleasure to work with on There Are Others Out There.

This isn’t a gung-ho kind of book, there is plenty of truth among the entertainment. I wouldn’t say it is all anti-war propoganda either. Just a bit of honesty that some might not know.

For a small press anthology to find itself in such a position is pretty amazing. It is credit to editors Jonathan Clode & John Stuart Clark and the amazing contributers. I’m obviously extra pleased for my friend Neil.

If you can it’d be great if you checked out this book and if you like it put in a vote for them. I certainly can’t see these nominations hurting the circulation of the book and I hope it helps all those involved in their comic book careers.


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