2000AD digital copies – buy them & read them anywhere

2000AD-LogoBuy them and read them anywhere? What do I mean?

Simple. 2000AD have updated their Digital content and linked all the ways that copies can be bought and stored. So if you buy a Graphic Novel in the iOS App you can download a Pdf or Cbz file from the Webshop. That includes past, present and future purchases.

Here’s how Michael Molcher, 2000AD’s PR and Media wrangler put it:

All digital purchases (both past and present) made from any 2000 AD platform – webshop, iOS app, and Android app – are now available to download as DRM-free PDF and CBZ files from the 2000 AD webshop, thanks to the new Rebellion ID system that ties them all together.

Purchases on one platform will ALSO be available across all of our platforms i.e. if you buy a comic through the app on your Android Phone, it will automatically be available not just as a DRM-free download through the web, but also on the app on your iPad!

And if you buy a digital comic on the 2000 AD web store, it will also automatically show up on both our Android and iPad/iPhone apps, so long as you log in with the same email/password.

So before you can get everything synced you may need to alter a few settings here and there. My logins need aligning for one thing – though that only means matching my Android Ap to the Webshop as I don’t have any iOS products. This common login is referred to as a Rebellion ID – Rebellion are the owners of the 2000AD brand. There are links to the iOS and Android Aps at the foot of this article.

This sounds good?

But there is more. They are already well on with the next phase. When the Kindle and Amazon Aps are ready if users use their Rebellion ID to login to all Aps.

So you really will be able to buy a 2000AD comic or graphic novel digitally and read it anywhere.

Download Android

download iOS


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