Free Comic Book Day – Saturday 2nd May 2013

FCBD Date 2015This article is written from a UK perspective and does concentrate on 2000AD & Judge Dredd. However obviously Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) is bigger than that.

For one thing FCBD started in USA, in 2001. So clearly bigger than UK and 2000AD. So my preamble is dedicated to including everyone and the main body of the article is where I get all local n such.

FCBD is a day set aside by members of the Comic industry to encourage readers to engage with their local stores. Commonly these shops are referred to as Local Comic Stores (LCS) and this term covers chains as well as small businesses.

Comics are put out by publishers both big and small and distributed to participating shops by Diamond. The costs are covered by the LCS, yes they buy these books to give away. So if you take part do bear that in mind, maybe buy something too – I guess you get a pass if you already shop there.

Here is a link to the Store Locator, this will find all participating stores regardless of country. Yes, this is something we are all united in, same day world wide for all comic fans.

So get out there and get involved. Check out the FCBD Website for a list of all the comics included in the main event (some stores do more…) and the Facebook Page rolls out things all year round.

FCBD 2000AD2000AD always put a lot in to FCBD with a Prog mixed with original new material and reprinted classics. You can get a sneak peak in a preview on the FCBD Website.

As I said these things cost money to the industry even if they don’t cost us anything. Some of the companies use reprints only, 2000AD uses a mix of reprint and new. So that means contributors getting a fee or doing it for free.

Mike Hawthorn asked 2000AD to donate part of his fee to a fund supporting Norm Breyfogle, most famous for his work on Batman, who was going to be drawing Judge Dredd in this year’s FCBD Prog. Sadly Norm had a stroke in December 2014.

Mike said:

“Judge Dredd is a character I’ve long wanted to illustrated, so I was absolutely thrilled when 2000 AD offered it to me, but getting this job under these circumstances made the gig bitter sweet. This job, by all rights, should have been Norm’s. I felt immediately that, if I was to take this book, the only right thing to do was to share some of the pay with Norm. So, with the help of the folks at 2000 AD, I made a donation of one full page towards Norm’s medical fund. I only wish I could have given him more.”

“Free Comic Book Day is really about community, and being part of being in a community means helping out when someone is in need. I just want to do my part, and I hope that all the fans out there will continue to help Norm and his family as he continues to recover”

“I also hope Norm knows how many people are rooting for him, and are eager to see him back at work.”

As far as I know the fund is closed for donations from the public now.

I’ll be going round all three of the LCS in Leeds to check out what they put on for fans on the day. I’ve actually not checked in advance. My son and his Fiance will be with me and/or wandering around themselves. There will be a bit of a mret up between the three of us to compare what we got over some food and we’ll be watching Age of Ultron later in the day. We always make a bit of a fuss.

There are a couple of get togethers of 2000AD and Judge Dredd fans on FCBD, I run a regular round up of any such gatherings. Here are those I know of that fall on FCBD:

Belfast 2000ADBelfast 2000AD Discussion Group

Organiser – Jack Porter

15:00 Saturday 2nd May 2015

Venue – The Kings Hall
Lisburn Road, Balmoral, Belfast BT9 6GW

Facebook Page

Also coinciding with Belfast Comic Con.

A meeting of like-minded people to discuss all things 2000AD. Jack organises regular meet-ups most months in Belfast.

Southers2000AD Southern Contingent

Organiser – John Burdis

12:00 & 15:00 Saturday 2nd May

Venue – Forbidden Planet in Shaftesbury Avenue
Retiring to The Crown and Anchor in Neal Street

This group usually manage a really good turn out when they meet up.

12:00  Al Ewing & Rob Williams are signing Dr Who stuff.
15:00  Mike McMahon, Ben Willsher, Henry Flint, Matt Smith & Pye Parr signing 2000AD goodies.


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