Countdown to Lawgiver MkII – Guest spotlight – Michael Carroll

Minty Panel - Tony RichardsThe name Michael Carroll appears quite a lot throughout this blog. From the Judge Badge in my title banner, my Interview with Mike, reviews of his work on Judge Dredd such as Wolves in 2000AD and his e-novels such as The Third Law. Also for his work not linked to 2000AD or Judge Dredd, such as Hunter.

Michael was part of last year’s Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd. He was part of the Judge Minty Panel that I ran, he is on the right of this photo taken by Tony Richards.

In this Intro I’ve given a lot of detail, what’s left to say?

Michael is one of the current stable of  regular writers of Judge Dredd for 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine. As such he has gained a little extra creator control than those that only write the odd episode or two.  In particular he often uses Dolman, a clone of Judge Dredd, and Mega-City Two.

As well as Dolman Michael also now writes stories with the character Galen DeMarco who first appeared in the store The Pit. DeMarco is now a PI and has her own series in Judge Dredd Megazine.

Michael’s stories are usually character driven, taking Wolves as an example follows the life of a Sov-Blok emigre in Mega-City One. This story dealt wirth some of the Human story following Chaos Day. Michael’s Judge Dredd story Forsaken also looked at the Human side of the story.

Making a character seem more Human is something he took a stage further with The Third Law. Rico Dredd is often seen as the Bogeyman in Judge Dredd. Joe Dredd’s clone-brother, slightly ahead of him at the Academy of Law. Rico went bad and Joe sent him to the Prison Moon of Titan. In Third Law we see Rico’s descent in to crime through his own eyes. A magnificent bit of writing. Plus in that story he names a character after this blog, that was rather thrilling for me.

Michael is a very approachable man, come meet him and have a chat.


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