Countdown to Lawgiver – Signings, Sketching, Traders & Goodies

lawgiver adlawgiver adlawgiver adLG MkII mastheadLawgiver MkII is the second annual Celebration of Dredd. This is the only convention currently dedicated solely to Judge Dredd. Whether it is Comic or Film this convention hopes to cater for all.

I’m part of the Organisers Group and help with giving opinions on what entertainment we will put on for those attending and inviting Guests. I also run some of the Panels where I help facilitate discussion with the Guests.

There is more to the convention than just the chatter I help generate, entertaining chatter it is though.

Firstly we have a large number of talented Artists attending – Peter Doherty, Nick Percival, John Higgins, Dave Taylor, David Roach, Dylan Teague, Boo Cook, Patrick Goddard. Jock. Most of whom will be brininging sketches and prints for you to buy. Some will also be available for sketches and signings.

We have a number of traders, large and small, in attendance.

Science Fiction Collectables from Cardiff will be selling a variety of collectables.

Forbidden Planet, from Bristol, will be selling a variety of products from their range. If you are attending you’ll likely know all about Forbidden Planet

Fish4Comics, from Cardiff will have a wide range of comics. They also run a Literacy Campaign and offer training products to Schools and Parents.

Deadstar Publishing, also from Cardiff, will be showcasing a number of their titles.

Barry Renshaw, Artist, including the Storyboards for the amazing Judge Minty fan film. He’ll have a range of his art available and may also be sketching.

David Broughton, Artist, has worked on a number of small press and self published comics. He is a regular contributer to Zarjaz and Dogbreath, two 2000AD fanzines.

I’m betting a fair few attending will be aware of Barry and David’s work. If you aren’t do check them out, they doth do a rather good Dredd.

There will be more events going on including competitions and games.

lawgiver adlawgiver adlawgiver ad


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