Judge Dredd Photo-Story by Martin Currie – complete story

Martins tableAt Lawgiver Martin Currie set up a table showing off a number of home-made Judge Dredd themed props and toys, along with a smattering of Rogue Trooper weapons.

A veritable feast of goodies as you can see.

Martin also put together an entertaining photo-story. Continue reading

More Roundups about Lawgiver MkII

lawgiver2-620x350Lawgiver MkII took place on Bank Holiday Monday 25th May 2015 at Double Tree by Hilton in Bristol.

This was the second year of Lawgiver, a convention dedicated to Judge Dredd and aimed at fans of the comics or films.

There were a large number of Costumers at the event, I like the hobby but personally don’t like the term Cosplay. There were also a few professional reviewers there and some amateurs as well. Continue reading

WWI Executions, Lest We Forget

I saw on the One Show, a UK TV ‘Magazine Program on BBC 1 Weekdays at 19:00, an article about Edith Cavell.

I wrote about Edith Cavell on my personal FB page last year as Armistice Day approached. And it touched me that I was watching this program with my own Mother and she seemed not to know the story.

Edith Cavell was executed on charges of Spying by the German Army during WWI. More famous in the UK is the fact that people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress were executed, of course it was called ‘Cowardice’ in those days.

Here are two examples of the people that were executed. Edith Cavell and Herbert Burden. Continue reading

Lawgiver MkII – A few Thoughts.

LG MkII mastheadThis isn’t a big round up by me of the event. As I am part of the Organiser’s Group I think that’s not really for me. It was quite a while after the first Lawgiver that I wrote my own article.

So what is this article about?

Other people’s views. Some have already posted their experiences up and here are a few I’ve seen so far. I’ll bring another round up if and when I see some more. Continue reading

A few Prizes and Goodies that will be at Lawgiver MkII 25th May 2015

11231806_10153280843178486_790687041393491338_nSome great prizes are going to be up for grabs at Lawgiver on Monday 25th May 2015.

So far I’m not sure what prizes are going with what Quiz, Draw, Tombola, etc. There will be plenty more prizes than I’m aware of at the time of writing this article.

For starters there is an original sketch of Judge Dredd by Carlos Ezquerra that is autographed by Carlos and co-creator John Wagner. I believe the picture will be framed by the time someone wins it. This was done at the SFX Weekender earlier this year.

John Wagner was at our inaugural event last year. We are yet to be fortunate to have Carlos Ezquerra as a Guest. Continue reading

Mars Attacks: Occupation Trading Cards now with added Judge Dredd

photo-originalTopps, the trading card company, have a Kickstarter going to launch a brand new trading card series upon the world.

As of writing the Kickstarter has reached $109,889 pledged of s $50,000 goal. They project was funded in seven days.

Having reached several stretches this fully licensed addition has come up for offer.

If you read the IDW Mars Attacks Judge Dredd you have some idea what to expect from the Judge Dredd add on.

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Lawgiver MkII Program Announced

prog ramLawgiver MkII will be at Hilton Doubletree, Bristol, Bank Holiday Monday 25th May.
Tickets available from Eventbrite £25.00
Tickets will be available on the day £30.00

I’m running the first two Panels in the Hall of Justice. If you are attending you’ll most likely see me first hanging around the Queue so I can fast track the Guests and Helpers through. So if you have a question at that point about anything do feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer it for you, or get an answer.

This is the only convention I am aware of that is dedicated solely to Judge Dredd. We aim to cater for fans of the comic and films. This is our second year.

I know the above image may not display very clearly, you can see a much larger version by clicking on the image above.

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Countdown to Lawgiver MkII – Guest Spotlight – Peter Doherty

PanelPanelPeter Doherty will be appearing at Lawgiver for the second time, having taken part in the inaugural event last year.

I am part of the Organisers Group for this Event and I’m the Moderator on some of the Panels. Last year I had the oppurtunity and pleasure to host a Panel with Peter Doherty, David Roach and Nick Percival.

Lawgiver MkII will be at Hilton Doubletree, Bristol, Bank Holiday Monday 25th May. Tickets available from Eventbrite. The picture above was ‘borrowed’ from John Burdis’ write-up of last year’s event on the Cellar of Dredd. Continue reading

An Interview with Jessica Preddy and Edward Mitchell – Mi’Lady De Winter and Athos in The First Musketeer

milady athosThe First Musketeer is a six part webseries that starts on 1st June 2014. Telling the story before the books by Alexander Dumas. The story follows Athos as he meets his friends and foes for the first time.

I’ve already published an Interview with Harriet Sams, Writer/Director of the series.

Today I have an interview with the actors portraying Athos and Anne, our romantic leads. Anne is destined to become the villainous Mi’Lady De Winter.

Jessica Preddy and Edward Mitchell are our star-crossed lovers…

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2000AD & Judge Dredd get togethers May/June

There are a few get togethers in May of varying sizes. I’m not actually aware of any dates in June yet, thopugh the Belfast group are almost certainly meeting in June (I’d guess Saturday 27th).

I can only write about meet ups that I know about so if I don’t mention ones you organise, attend or just know about please let me know so I can let others know. Anywhere, any country. Continue reading