Countdown to Lawgiver MkII – Guest spotlight – John Higgins

Higgins Pal1John Higgins, comic artist and writer will be a Guest at Lawgiver MkII in Bristol on 25th May 2015- more info available on the event’s Website and there is a Facebook Page too.

As of writing it is just over three weeks till Lawgiver MkII which is on the LATE Bank Holiday in May that used to be called Whitsuntide (or Whit Weekend where I live).

The inaugural Lawgiver was on the earlier May Bank Holiday in 2014. May Bank Holiday confusion has occurred with some people wanting to attend.

I am part of the Organiser’s Group for this convention and I run some of the Panels where you get to hear from the Guests.

John Higgins is new to Lawgiver, several of our Guests at last year’s event are returning. You can read more Spotlights on our Guests by clicking on this link, that link should automatically update with each new article I add about our Guests (so you’ll see this one on there too).

Higgins Pal2

John Higgins is predominantly known as an artist and is a Guest at Lawgiver due to his connection with Judge Dredd in 2000AD. His  credits span quite some period, the first being in Judge Dredd Annual 1986, published in 1985, with a John Wagner/Alan Grant scripted ‘Crime Call’.

His first 2000AD credit however was in Prog 1979 with a Futureshock he wrote and illustrated called ‘Together’. His credits in 2000AD also include Greysuit.

John has worked on some international hits too. Colouring Batman: A Killing Joke by Alan Moore for example. He also coloured Dave Gibbons’ art in Alan Moore’s Watchmen. Returning to the title to do the backup story in Before Watchmen, The Cimson Corsair.

Higgins PalAs you can see he is a repeat offender for Scrawling in public and Judge Pal has caught him in the act more than once. Whether Razorjack is aiding or attacking John isn’t clear. Might be rescuing John from Judge Pal, Judge Pal might be arresting them both. I doubt Judge Pal can tell…

Razorjack is the creation of John and I have on order a graphic novel by John and fellow Lawgiver Guest Michael Carroll. I’m reading that on my way from Leeds to Bristol.

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