Dredd (2012) British TV Premiere – Why I didn’t Write About it in Advance

I am a big fan of Judge Dredd, that’s clear as soon as you see this Blog. Even before you read much you get visual clues beyond the quirky name.

Look around further and you’ll soon see I loved the 2012 film by Alex Garland, Dredd. So with the British TV Premierre being yesterday why am I writing about that fact for the first time now?

Simply put it is by way of a very unscientific experiment.

I didn’t watch as I was doing other things yesterday. Also I have a DVD & Blu Ray. No one is going to count me, see what I am watching. So me watching or not watching makes no difference. Would my writing about it?

Well I have no way of knowing if anyone would watch because I wrote about it. Not unless they came back and told me. However I can tell if people come to read what I have already written.

I can see by my Stats on this Blog how many times an article has been read. I can see for instance that as I write (19:10 Sunday 3rd May 2015) that three articles that are directly about the film have been read today. My Retrospective review which is full of spoilers, my ‘spoiler free’ article about why Dredd is a good comic adaptation and my article about the fictional drug Slo-Mo.

When I look further I can see that the views of these three articles makes up 15% of the views of my blog since midnight. Only 15%, that is a bit of a disappointment. The day isn’t over and I expect that will get worse.

You see though this Blog is mostly about Judge Dredd or 2000AD I write about a very wide subject list. When ‘My Polar Bear Family and Me‘ is shown in different countries views have spiked dramatically more than doubling the hit count. Yes I know Polar Bears are more universally popular than Judge Dredd but I am sure you can see the point.

I really hoped to see a huge spike. To feel that the movie had got somewhere further. There won’t be a sequel now, Alex Garland has made that clear. But I still love the film he brought us.

I first saw it in August before it was released after winning the chance on 2000AD’s Twitter. I met Alex Garland and talked to him in depth. That all made me start using this Blog for reviewing. I might get bigger spikes for Polar Bears or Jousting. But I’m here to write about Dredd, 2000AD and things that connect with them.

I’m not sure if I proved anything to myself…

Ain’t putting me off liking Dredd (2012) and thinking ‘what if’ with the sequel… Maybe there will be a third attempt.

Also ain’t putting me off blogging about Judge Dredd and all the stuff I blog about.



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