The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel – Fifth issue

Psych 5Edited by Owen Watts
Assistant Editor Geoffery Crescent

Cover Art – Kev Levell

River Apparicio, Jim Lavery, Ken Reynolds, David Hailwood, Tony Suleri, Chris Cosentino, Andrew Scaife. Arron Ferguson, Dunk Nimmo, Fred Francis, Steve Austin, Bolt-01. Oscar Maltby, Daniel Bell, Michael Norwitz, Jared Souza, Matthew Collyer, Eddy Lyle Geoffery Crescent, Jake Rowlinson

Paperback £6.00 

I’m proud to say I’ve reviewed every issue of this marvelous publication to date. Owen and Geoffery always bring us a well edited selection of stories with time travel and a twist to them.

It isn’t really possible to review a short story that has a twist without giving too much away. Each story is self contained and complete and as with the previous issues the last story is just one page long.

The Journal is a great place to look for stories that know something about pacing and as Owen will take chances on new contributors as well as old it is a great place to find something new. Some of the contributors have been in the Journal before and others work can be seen in books from Futurequake Press or Paragon. But some are new to me.

This anthology is a clear winner and is something that you’ll pick up and wonder where the time went when you put it down… my guess is that we’ll find out the answer in an issue one day.

An Untimely Message
Script: River Apparicio
Art: Jim Lavery
Letters: Ken Reynolds

A message from the future, are you David Francis?

This will remind you of a certain film, nice take on the idea.

Everlasting Peace
Script: David Hailwood
Art: Tony Suleri
Letters: Ken Reynolds

A cryogenically frozen man awaits his perfect future.

Time and time again one can face disappointment and do you really want what you think you are looking for?

Lunch Time
Script: Chris Cosentino
Art: Andrew Scaife

Time travelling 56 seconds in to your past has uses.

Quite what is the truth here is for the reader to decide.

Making The Deal
Script: Arron Ferguson
Art: Dunk Nimmo
Letters: Bolt-01

Knowing when to buy & when to sell is the key to good business.

This story would score a point in my son’s ‘Spot a ***’ on the video aisle in a Supermarket, which is related in part to one of the most common timey-wimey story cliches going. That cliche isn’t in this story.

Perceptual Lapse
Script: Fred Francis
Art: Steve Austin
Letters: Bolt-01

A scientist discovering time altering drugs also discovers that with great power comes great responsibility.

Ah yes, those pills. Interesting.

Script: Oscar Maltby
Art: Daniel Bell
Letters: Bolt-01

Tea is for Time Travel. Monks have got it all sussed out, tea is the way forward.


The Time Tunnels
Script: Mike Lynch
Art: Scott Twells
Letters: Bolt-01

Keeping an eye on all that Time Travel meddling is all in a day’s work for a Public Employee.

This one deals with the cliche I mention above but wouldn’t score any points in my son’s game.

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?
Script: Michael Norwitz
Art: Jared Souza
Letters: Bolt-01

Oh my word I think this happened to me! That’s all I’m saying…

Whose Foundations
Script: Matthew Collyer
Art: Eddy Lyle
Letters: Bolt-01

Walmcott & Co Bank think they can fire Mr Walmcott.

I made my son jump when I read the twist on this one, nicely played!

Bags of Time
Script: Geoffery Crescent
Art: Jake Rowlinson
Letters: Owen Watts

The dangers of spicy fast food…


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