Two Years of Judge Minty on You Tube – Embeded video (spoiler free)

Two years ago in the early hours or this Bank Holiday morning Judge Minty was out online for all to see.

Judge Minty is a fan film based in the world of Judge Dredd, from the British comic anthology 2000AD. It uses a character from Prog 147, created by John Wagner & Mick McMahon. Being a huge fan of Judge Dredd I was interested in this project as soon as I heard about it from a colleague at work.

I had seen the film already. First at the premiere in Leeds Film Festival and then at Thought Bubble. I wrote an article giving a spoiler free review at that time.

The film toured Comic and Film Conventions in the UK and internationaly. I did my bit to publicise many of the screenings because I wanted this fan film to have as much exposure as possible. You can see the full film in an embeded video in this article. There are no spoilers at allin this article but some others do have spoilers, including some interviews, so if you haven’t seen the film you may want to leave the links till afterwards.

On the night that it was being uploaded I interviewed Integra Fairbrook, who has two parts in this film. I also interviewed Steve Green, Director of Photography, as he did the uploading.

On the day of release, as the Bank Holiday always falls on the first Monday it was 6th May 2015, I interviewed Edmund Dehn. You can see a list of links to interviews and and articles at the bottom of the article.

Interviews: (treat all with caution regarding Spoilers)
Steve Sterlacchini – Writer & Director
Michael Carroll – Writer
Steve Green – Director of Photography
Daniel Carey-George – Costume & Prop Creator
Edmund Dehn – Judge Minty
Jared Butler – Voice of Dredd & others
Integera Fairbrook – Aquila’s Daughter & Judge Anderson

Spoiler Free Review – Spoiler Free
2nd ReviewSpoilers
Why Judge Minty is a Good Comic AdaptationSpoilers

Articles including showing the reach of the film:
Judge Minty’s Anderson to appear in Strontium Dog – Spoiler Free (both films…)
Voice Over Team Special – video showcasiong the vocal talents of Jared Butler & team – Spoilers
Judge Minty Success at Wasteland Weekend – one of the film festivals that recognised Judge Minty
Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd – included a screening of the film & a Judge Minty Panel that I ran.
Comic Cons & Judge Dredd Uniforms – Includes many comments about the uniform from this film
Arms & Armour of the Superhero
 – The Judge Minty uniform in action at Royal Armouries, Leeds

From Other Sites:
From ECBT2000AD – Judge Minty Podcast – xcellent podcast of a Judge Minty Panel – Spoilers.


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