2000AD Prog 1928 – spoiler light (preview pages)

19282000AD Prog 1928

Published in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release
Saturday 25th April 2015

General release in print & digital
Wednesday 29th  2015
Available in all good stockists,  2000AD iOS App & 2000AD Shop

Genre – Sci-Fi

Here’s the line-up for this Prog

1928 contents

Tharg bigs up Free Comic Book Day. I’m late writing this article… FCBD has already been & gone, I did do an article before the event though to publicise the signings that Tharg publicised here…

Nice Mark Harrison cover, see more about it on 2000AD Covers Uncovered.

Judge Dredd: Enceladus: New Life Part 5

Script: Rob Williams
Art: Henry Flint
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Judge Dredd Created by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra
First Appearance – Prog 2

The Sov’s arrived last Prog and they mean business. Quite what Dredd will say about this is anyone’s guess – he won’t be happy I bet.

The script is interesting and the art brilliant. I’m fine with this kind of ‘Dredd Lite’ story but I am aware some fans aren’t. We do reach a mid-season break with this episode as I thought we were heading towards last Prog.
1928 JD2 1928 JD1

Orlok: Agent of East-Meg One The Rasputin Caper Part 5

Script: Arthur Wyatt
Art: Jake Lynch
Letters: Ellie De Ville

Orlok was created by John Wagner, Alan Grant & Steve Dillon
First appearance Prog 236

The action in the Radback remains quirky. Orlok isn’t quite so mean somehow even though he is being mean.

You can read more about Orlok in my article Who is Orlok?

1928 O11928 O2

Sláine The Brutania Chronicles Book 2: Primordial Part 5

Script: Pat Mills
Art: Simon Davis
Letters: Ellie De Ville

Sláine was created by Pat Mills & Angie Kincaid
First Appearance Prog 330

The Lord Weird Gododin taunts Sláine about the death of his father. Sláine meanwhile attempts to brinng Sinead round from her troubled state. With an army ready to battle Sláine Gododin clearly feels he has the upper hand.

1928 S1 1928 S2

Grey Area Locked In Part 2

Script: Dan Abnett
Art: Mark Harrison
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Grey Area was created by Dan Abnett and Karl Richardson
First Appearance Prog 1764

The team continue to get to know their new neighbours.

This is pretty entertaining, fun characters and a Star Trek reference.
1928 GA1 1928 GA2

Strontium Dog The Stix Fix Part 5

Script: John Wagner
Art: Carlos Ezquerra
Letters: Simon Bowland

Strontium Dog was created by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra
First Appearance Starlord Issue 1
First appearance in 2000AD Prog 86

Johnny has a problem with picking up Stix. Not such a problem with Precious Matson of course.

As I said last Prog this story ticks all the S/D boxes.
1928 SD1 1928 SD2


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