First Musketeer – Season one on YouTube 1st June 2015 (embeded teaser & trailer)

the-first-musketeer-official-poster-1I first wrote about this web-series on 09/02/15. At that time I made the rash forecast that it might be ready as soon as March the same year. I should have been a tad more cautious.

I’m aware that some of the delays were certainly to get the best post production possible. For example it was edited in the same editing suite as ITV’s Mr Selfridge and Fox TV’s Da Vinci’s Demons.

So the 1st of June is the date for Episode one. I do not know at this time how many episodes there are but interestingly this is now billed as Season One.

I first became interested when I heard about this as one of the actors is known to me, you can read a bit more about that in my earlier article

Charles Barrett portrays Porthos in this original prequel to the famous story. Charles is a stuntrider with Atkinsons Atkinson Horses and performs the duties of a Herald at the jousting at Royal Armouries. All of which you can find a lot of articles on this blog. I understand Charles doesn’t appear until Episode 2. You have probably seen Charles without realising it as he has been stunt double and riding double in many films and TV series, he was the double for Merlin in BBC’s TV series of the same name. His colleagues were recently seen in Poldark.

This is an ensemble cast with new characters for us to meet. The story follows Athos on his arrival in Paris, before he is a Musketeer. So Aramis and Porthos will be met along the way – and of course no D’Artagnan.

I’ve been looking forward to this from the first time I heard about the project. A couple of videos follow, I suggest you subscribe to the YouTube channel & visit the Facebook Page for more information.

You can also read an Interview with Writer/Director Harriet Sams.

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