Countdown to Lawgiver MkII – Guest spotlight – Dave Taylor

Lawgiver Poster2Dave Taylor will be a guest at Lawgiver MkII.

This will be Dave’s first appearance at Lawgiver. He will be taking part in Panels and be available for signings and hopefully sketching.

Lawgiver is the only Judge Dredd convention held worldwide, to the best of my knowledge. This is the second year for Lawgiver, hence the jaunty little MkII in the name.

I’m part of the Organisers Group for Lawgiver and run some of the Panels.

The convention takes place on Bank Holiday Monday, 25th May 2015. You can find more details on the website.

Dave started off in comics with Marvel UK doing art duties on Zorro. That’s a very interesting place to start and didn’t always lead across the pond to Marvel. This was an interesting time with Marvel UK bringing out quite a number of titles with an array of good talent, including fellow 2000AD star Dan Abnett.

Marvel in USA didn’t beckon but in 1995 he got a gig drawing something called Batman: Riddler – The Riddle Factory. Batman, that name rings a bell. Not too shoddy at all.

His first Dredd story was How to Succeed in Bizness (without getting caught) scripted by John Wagner in Judge Dredd Megazine 223 in 2004. His first in 2000AD was Road Stop, scripted by Gordon Rennie, in Progs 1582-1586 during 2008. An interesting artist who decided to cross the pond in what I consider the right direction when joining the ranks of 2000AD.

I met him for the first time briefly last November when I asked him if he’d sign my review of Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: Fallout. At the time I commented that some creators think it an odd request, he assured me it was quite normal compared to some requests he got – more on that at Lawgiver.


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