Countdown to Lawgiver MkII – Display Spotlight – Lee Fields & Dredd 2012

11227101_10153854651987589_1210059198_oLawgiver is the only Judge Dredd convention held worldwide, to the best of my knowledge. The aim is to give one focal point for fans of Judge Dredd from Comic or Screen.

So what better than a display of screen used Props from Dredd (2012) starring Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby and Lena Heady. The largest collection of such props, to my knowledge, belongs to Lee Fields who will be displaying several amazing items.

There will be quite a Mega display from what I’ve heard. I’m part of the Organisers Group and will be Moderator on some of the Panels.

As well as the uniforms in the picture above, all screen used, and including several parts of equipment not visible. Last year we had the Judge Minty Costumes on display so both Comic and more realistic versions will have been seen.

It’s important to remember that the makers of both films respect one another greatly. You can read more about that on articles dotted around my blog. But the key point here is that Alex Garland told me in August 2012 that he had asked if a documentary about the Judge Minty project could be included on the Dredd (2012) Blu-ray. He spoke very highly about the project indeed.

11235239_10153854675802589_1883342010_oLee will also be bringing a variety of helmets, badges and other props from the film. Among them will be things such as a Dlo-Mo dispenser and a Hall of justice guard Vektor rifle. There is also a pre-production ‘Jock’ helmet that was seen in the Illustrated Screenplay, it is the top image on the following page from the book.screenplay

There is also a unique item from pre-production that Lee only recently purchased. I do know what it is but the official unveiling is at Lawgiver MkII so until then I’m keeping quiet about it. I haven’t even told the others on the Organisers Group.

Lee has also purchased many of the original production moulds that were used in the fabrication of props and costume for the movie. He makes copies from these for sale as screen accurate replicas.

You can find out a lot more about this on his website.

There is quite a lot of bulky gear so the full extent of the display isn’t yet confirmed. In fact Lee will probably only know exactly what he is bringing as he packs his mopad.

This promises to be a very popular exhibit.


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