Countdown to Lawgiver MkII – Guest Spotlight – David Roach

PanelPanelDavid Roach will be appearing at Lawgiver for the second time, having taken part in the inaugural event last year.

I am part of the Organisers Group for this Event and I’m the Moderator on some of the Panels. Last year I had the oppurtunity and pleasure to host a Panel with David Roach, Peter Doherty and Nick Percival.

Lawgiver MkII will be at Hilton Doubletree, Bristol, Bank Holiday Monday 25th May. Tickets available from Eventbrite. The picture above was ‘borrowed’ from John Burdis’ write-up of last year’s event on the Cellar of Dredd.

David is a wonderfully talented Artist who is genuinely modest. His pencils and inks can define the human form with an amazing lifelike appearance without being photo-real. He is particularly well known for his ability to capture the female form.

David has worked on 2000AD classic characters such as Judge Dredd, Anderson Psi and Rogue Trooper. His first work published in 2000AD was in Prog 558 in January 1988 when he illustrated Purity’s Story in Nemesis Book 3 by Pat Mills.

David is an aficionado of comic art and I imagine there is a good chance he’ll have a portfolio of other people’s work with him to show. I’ve seen people try to buy some of the pages in David’s collection and there are many he simply can’t part with. He’ll happily show you them though and tell you why the pages are so good. Check out his Facebook Page for more of this.

Below is an example of David’s artwork, this time it is Vampirella.


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