Lawgiver MkII Program Announced

prog ramLawgiver MkII will be at Hilton Doubletree, Bristol, Bank Holiday Monday 25th May.
Tickets available from Eventbrite £25.00
Tickets will be available on the day £30.00

I’m running the first two Panels in the Hall of Justice. If you are attending you’ll most likely see me first hanging around the Queue so I can fast track the Guests and Helpers through. So if you have a question at that point about anything do feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer it for you, or get an answer.

This is the only convention I am aware of that is dedicated solely to Judge Dredd. We aim to cater for fans of the comic and films. This is our second year.

I know the above image may not display very clearly, you can see a much larger version by clicking on the image above.

There’s a lot of things not in the Program as published, some of which I have already written about. Sadly Barry Renshaw can no longer be with us.

I think the Display of uniforms and props from the Dredd (2012) provided by Bawzprops will be a very busy area. You can read more of what you can expect from that in my earlier article.

Among prizes in the competitions are a sketch from Carlos Ezquerra and items from Planet Replicas, including a metal Dredd badge.

Carlos is co-creator of Judge Dredd and still works on the character as well as Strontium Dog, another character he co-created with John Wagner. Sadly Carlos hasn’t yet appeared at Lawgiver, hopefully at some point we’ll remedy that. John Wagner appeared last year at our inaugural event.

Planet Replicas are the licensed manufacturers of Comic accurate Judge Dredd uniforms and props as well as other Judge Dredd and 2000AD items. The company was born out of the fan film Judge Minty.

We encourage cosplay (I’m not fond of the term but I like folk dressing up and will have at least one costume with me) and that includes 2012 style, Planet Replicas style and home-built comic style uniforms. Our Brit Cit 2012 style Judge is straight from the fan film Cursed Edge, Judge Labelle.

I hope everyone that attends has a great time. If you read my blog and attend please do let me know on the day.


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