Mars Attacks: Occupation Trading Cards now with added Judge Dredd

photo-originalTopps, the trading card company, have a Kickstarter going to launch a brand new trading card series upon the world.

As of writing the Kickstarter has reached $109,889 pledged of s $50,000 goal. They project was funded in seven days.

Having reached several stretches this fully licensed addition has come up for offer.

If you read the IDW Mars Attacks Judge Dredd you have some idea what to expect from the Judge Dredd add on.

The add on costs $50.00 on top of any level of backing, which starts at $10.

Art is from a number of top artists including – Alex Horley, Dan Brereton, Greg Staples, Ed Repka and legendary veteran Bob Larkin. No mention of John McCrea, the artist from the IDW mini series. I’m hoping he is involved.

Each Judge Dredd pack includes 20 cards, based on the Mars Attacks Judge Dredd comic published by IDW, including 1 creator autograph and 1 hand-drawn crossover sketch card – all bundled with a stick of mock bubblegum (no seriously don’t eat it…).

Ira Friedman, Topps’ VP of Global Licensing:

“Mars Attacks and Judge Dredd both share a penchant for the unique style of over-the-top violence and dark humor that can only exist in the world of dystopian science fiction and horror.Putting them together creates a memorable mashup full of high octane thrills and spills that fans and collectors can now own in trading card form for the very first time.”

You can get all the info and join the Kickstarter on THIS LINK, the campaign ends on 1st June 2015.


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