A few Prizes and Goodies that will be at Lawgiver MkII 25th May 2015

11231806_10153280843178486_790687041393491338_nSome great prizes are going to be up for grabs at Lawgiver on Monday 25th May 2015.

So far I’m not sure what prizes are going with what Quiz, Draw, Tombola, etc. There will be plenty more prizes than I’m aware of at the time of writing this article.

For starters there is an original sketch of Judge Dredd by Carlos Ezquerra that is autographed by Carlos and co-creator John Wagner. I believe the picture will be framed by the time someone wins it. This was done at the SFX Weekender earlier this year.

John Wagner was at our inaugural event last year. We are yet to be fortunate to have Carlos Ezquerra as a Guest.

Our friends at Planet Replicas have been incredibly generous with donated prizes again. This year we have:

  • 11143461_10153723196690715_7799542014267005468_nA metal Judge Dredd Badge (this is the last one!)
  • A Lawgiver MkII (here seen boxed)
  • Justice Department Cufflinks (here seen in a cool drawstring back)
  • 5 Judge Dredd Badge Keyrings (one is out of shot)

As I say there will be many more prizes that I’m not yet aware of.

below are details of other goodies available on the day.

fcbd 2014FCBD 2000ADOur friends from the Cardiff Comic Expo have found a stash of 2014 & 2015 Free Comic Book Day Progs. These are getting reserved quickly on the Lawgiver MkII Facebook Page. They’ll be available to collect as you enter.
If they aren’t all gone by then…

7Comic artist David Broughton is attending. David is a prolific Small Press Artist, you can regularly see his art in the 2000AD fanzines Zarjaz and Dogbreath. I’ve reviewed much of his work, you can see links to those here.

He’ll have some of his own comics with him for sale. He usually has prints of some of his work available.

David has been doing sketches for the past few days that he will be giving away free with purchases of his comics. Here is one of the sketches, you can see all of them on David’s blog

Judge Dredd Artist Nick Percival will be in attendance and below you can some of the Prints that Nick Percival will have with him embeded Facebook update below the clothing. I’ve not done this before so I hope everyone can see the post, if so clicking on each picture will give you a bigger picture.

Available for sale will be Official Lawgiver MkII Hoodies and T-shirts. An embeded Facebook update showing these is below the one of Nick Percival’s artwork.


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